Western Asia


Dubai has the world's first seven-star hotel, the world's largest shopping mall, the world's largest indoor ski resort, a steady stream of oil, and an important trading port status. These have brought great wealth to Dubai. Today Dubai has become synonymous with luxury. Here, the most lifeless yellow sand, the most vigorous green forest, the oldest religion, and the most modern buildings all blend together.


For tourists from all over the world, Tehran is like a magnet, attracting people who want to walk into it. The Gulistan palaces here have the peacock throne of the Persian emperor. The jewelry museum here has the world's largest uncut pink diamond. The mosque here is a model of the Persian Empire with its almost perfect architectural style. Tehran is destined to be a city where people keep fleeing and getting closer.


Here is the holy city in the hearts of believers. In the history of more than 3,000 years, it has been occupied dozens of times and rebuilt 18 times, and it stands as a phoenix nirvana. There is land to contact the three continents, dynasties change, and civilizations blend. Here are the most tenacious peoples. They have been exiled and slaughtered, but they still believe that they can return to the promised land, rebuild their homes, and become the world's leading agricultural and technological power. For travelers, it is your precious memory for a long time in the future. Because you have witnessed the sacred, mysterious and magical carrier, Israel.

 Abu Dhabi

What "Sex and the City 2," says is not accurate." The Dubai era has passed, and Abu Dhabi is the future." In fact, Abu Dhabi can be described as the "big brother" of Dubai. Whether in terms of oil reserves, per capita GPD, or world-class tourism resources, Abu Dhabi is low-key luxury. There are top buildings and hotels here. The desert scenery here is amazing. Here is the largest mosque in the world. These will make you forget the flow of time. The diversified development here will bring you an even greater impact than Dubai.


If Dubai is a dazzling diamond in the Arab world, then Sharjah is a gentle and low-key cultural pearl. As the third-largest emirate of the UAE, Sharjah is not as well-known as its neighbor Dubai, but as the cultural capital of the Arab world. Sharjah has its unique and irreplaceable status. In the many museums in Sharjah, you can learn about Islamic civilization and Arab culture with strong mystery from many aspects, such as art, history, architecture, religion, and calligraphy. In the gold market, you can choose those dazzling arrays of jewelry, and compete with savvy Arab merchants on price. In addition to the vast desert, Sharjah also has seaside scenery with blue sea and sky. The east coast of Sharjah is an Arabian diving resort with a different Arabian style.


For many people, the keywords related to Iran may be "oil", "turmoil", "revolution" and "insecurity". But before the Iran-Iraq War, there were millions of people visiting Iran each year. The tourism resources that this ancient Persian empire can show to the world are not only tangible but also intangible, such as the impact of ancient and modern times brought by Tehran, the historical vicissitudes of Isfahan’s exquisite mosques, the ancient Persian style of Shiraz, the mysterious Zoroastrian atmosphere of Yazd, etc.