Southeast Asia


Singapore is a small country with subtropical gardens at the "crossroads of the world" at the end of the Malay Peninsula. The rich and colorful Asian culture presents a perfect convergence in Singapore. Clean streets, good public security, simple folk customs, colorful culture, and scenery all show the multi-faceted charm of Southeast Asia’s vibrant capital. You can find the ancient charm of last year's Hua along the historic sightseeing routes of Chinatown, Little India, and Kampong Glam. You can also rush to Orchard Road, Clarke Quay or Boat Quay to wander among the bright lights. Of course, don't forget to allow enough time to savor the vibrant Sentosa Island.


Malaysia is a place full of laughter. Its rich and diverse cultural differences also give tourists a deep experience. There are fascinating tourist attractions everywhere. At the same time, the people here are very warm and friendly. Describe this place in a very nasty phrase, "Heaven not only appears in mythology, but it also may not be far away from us. Heaven is beautiful, peaceful, and alluring."


Thailand is a getaway resort. You can go to Bangkok to visit the Temple of the Emerald Buddha and the Grand Palace to appreciate the ancient Buddhist culture, go to Pattaya to enjoy the show of shemales and experience the neon sparkle and the wonderful nightlife, or go to Phuket to enjoy the bay and enjoy the various customs or go to Samui to experience the water. You can also go to the northern Thai rose and feel the charm of the peaceful town in Chiang Mai and go to Pai to see the pure love of Thai style. You can also take a night cruise on the Chao Phraya River under the stars and enjoy the beautiful scenery on both sides of the bank. In your free time, enjoy the pure ancient Thai Shiatsu massage to get rid of fatigue or enjoy various cuisines and experience the fun of shopping. The ancient kingdom of Siam will make your holiday wonderful with its splendid culture and ever-changing style.


Vietnam is a country that you love and hate, a country that makes you plan to never come again but you can never forget it when you think of it. You will be fascinated by the beautiful and peaceful beaches, delicious but cheap seafood barbecues, green and healthy Vietnamese spring rolls, the slim waist of Hanoi women, the slim back of Ao Dai, and so on. When time is silent, only the mark of beauty will not disappear. Even if you travel all over the territory, you may not be able to understand Vietnam, so you can focus on a few cities and appreciate their beauty.


There are Malays, Chinese, Middle Easterners, Indians, Europeans, and indigenous peoples. They have different skin colors and different beliefs, but they all have the same nationality. It is open to the world while fully retaining its own traditions. Here to provide the world's most casual holiday environment and food. There is also Ding Ding Dong Dong music. There are nearly 10,000 large and small islands here, like pearls scattered on the Indian Ocean. Each region has a different culture here, and it changes from east to west. This is Indonesia.


The Philippines has both coconut grove beaches and volcanic explosions. It has sea, sky, clouds, lakes, and mountains, and the scenery is very beautiful. Due to its location in the subtropical zone, it has abundant products. Fruits and seafood are available all year round. The Philippines is a multi-ethnic country. Due to historical reasons, it incorporates many customs and characteristics of the East and the West. The Philippines, composed of 7,107 islands, is rich in natural resources. It has a long history and unique culture. The Philippines is full of thousands of attractions. Every time tourists set foot on an island, there must be new discoveries, which will not disappoint.


Cambodia is full of scenery, such as palm trees towering into the sky, farming scenes of farming cattle and sheep, tall thatched huts built on this basis, countless rich fruits on the stalls of small merchants, the ancient dynasty scattered in the city, and so on. Some people jokingly claim that only in Cambodia can one live the addiction of the rich. Some people think that the world's cultural heritage preserved in Cambodia must be gone in this life. Others said that they should go there for the Cambodian children to have candy. What is the real Cambodia? You will know when you come. There is a feeling of being in the world and in heaven.


Myanmar is a mysterious country in most people's minds. Many people always associate it with the "military dictatorship," "the lack of supplies," and "the people have no livelihood." In fact, these are the impressions of people all over the world during the economic sanctions imposed on Myanmar by the West in the past. Nowadays, Myanmar is attracting more and more tourists.