South Asia


More and more Chinese tourists are visiting the Maldives. You can choose an exclusive island that you like, walk slowly, eat, watch the nightfall, and get a good night's sleep. Why don't you find a day to find the first rays of sunshine in this paradise? Enjoy the tranquil sea, cool wind, and fainting clouds. At this moment, you are really drunk.

 Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has a colonial atmosphere, Buddhist influence, tropical customs, multi-ethnic settlements, and a long history. Under the blowing of the sea breeze, these are combined into an inexplicable tone, with comfort, laziness, nostalgia, and a little sentimental & fantasy, like a cup of black tea in the afternoon sun, mellow and worthy of aftertaste.


Nepalese is a mysterious, beautiful, and poor place. Faced with the religious life at the foot of the ancient castles and snow-capped mountains left over a few centuries ago, it is difficult to tell everything there. What can be left in the photo is the unforgettable scenery. But my heart is always worried about when to enter that piece of land again. Most people in Nepal believe in Hinduism, while a small number of people believe in Buddhism. Some people describe that there are as many houses and temples as there are in Kathmandu. There are as many gods as people. This is true. All we saw were ancient temples and statues.


If you want to experience the leisure and laziness of Nepal, come to Pokhara. Fewa Lake and Annapurna Mountains form beautiful lakes and mountains. The changing light and shadow will make you intoxicated here and forget the passage of time. The top of Sarranco's mountain, at sunrise and sunset, will always give you a pleasant surprise. If you have the courage to glide down from the top of the mountain, it will give you a new visual experience! If you want to conquer the peaks, come to Pokhara on foot to experience the beautiful scenery of the roundabouts!


The left eye is hell, the right eye in heaven, and the third eye is India in the world. It is such a country that allows people from all directions who are bound by various rules to gain relief and enjoy maximum freedom and release. They created a splendid Indus civilization, with hundreds of languages. There are many world heritage sites here, such as achievements in physics, literature, and emerging information technology, which have won the respect of the world. This country, which is difficult to describe simply as likes or dislikes, empowers each visitor to find his own emotions.


Located on the west coast of India, Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay) is right on the north-south boundary of Indian geography. It is the capital of Maharashtra and the largest city in India. It is not only the economic and entertainment center of India, but also the most important port city in South Asia, and the base camp of "Bollywood". However, it is probably one of the most bizarre cities in the world. Here, the skyscrapers and mansions of the rich in India coexist with the largest slums in Asia. The "Bollywood" that weaves the perfect dream is with the people struggling in the slums. The world-class IT companies and the huge manpower laundry are sides by side. With luxury and extreme poverty, advanced and backward, hope and despair, India's past and future are staged here at the same time.


Varanasi is located in the southeast of Uttar Pradesh, India, by the Ganges River. It is a famous historical city and Hindu holy land in India. Varanasi has more than 1,500 temples and many places of interest. Among them, the Ganges Baths, the Golden Temple of India, the Durga Temple, and the Indian University of Benares are the most famous. Pillars symbolizing Shiva were erected along the Ganges, and Hindus worshipped. Sarnath, where Shakyamuni first taught the Fa, and the birthplace of the two patriarchs of Jainism are both near Varanasi. Therefore, it has become an important holy place for Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism.


This is the "Golden City" in the desert, and the main gateway and trade hub connecting ancient India with the outside world. Here is full of wild charm. It looks like a ruined castle from a distance, and the carefully crafted buildings after entering the city will surprise people. Here, you can feel the real desert scenery, the golden castle in the sun, the camels in the desert, and the vastness of the sunset, all full of attraction.