The World's Top Five Outlets (V) - Tosu Premium Outlets

  • Gerry Zimny
  • 9 Sep
The World's Top Five Outlets (V) - Tosu Premium Outlets

Japan has a history of Outlets for less than 10 years, but its service is first-class. For shopping in Kyushu, Tosu Premium Outlets is the first one.

Overview of Tosu Premium Outlets

Store scale: 120 stores

Discount index: ★★★

Shopping index: ★★★

Business hours: 10:00 AM-20:00 PM

Overview of Tosu Premium Outlets

It takes 30 minutes by taxi from Fukuoka Airport. and it takes 90 minutes to arrive from Beppu Onsen. Travellers and shoppers can choose to take JR first and then take a bus from Tosu Station or Nishitetsu Kogori Station. One-way tickets are 200 Yen and 270 Yen respectively. The one-way direct express bus from Nishitetsu Tenjin Bus Center costs 730 Yen.

I was visiting Tosu Premium Outlets on a cloudy day and I felt very relaxed. The detached buildings with goose yellow walls and red tile roofs, gravel pavements, and wrought-iron street lamps all replicate the style of southern California. There are not many major international brands here, but there are many brands that Japanese young people like very much. The goods in most stores of Tosu Premium Outlets are friendly to visitors. And there are many types of goods, including clothing, home furnishings, skincare products, Japanese ceramics, pianos, etc. Their discounts range from 25% to 35%.

Overview of Tosu Premium Outlets 2

The locals recommended me several brands that are popular among young people in Japan, including Moga, Lowrys Farm, Nice Claup, and Beams. Their styles and designs are fashionable, and the prices are cheap. Presumably, shoppers and travellers who like Japanese style will go shopping spree at Tosu Premium Outlets.

Here, I saw the shops of major brands such as Armani, Furla, D&G, Coach, and Escada. But the discounts at Armani, D&G, and Coach brand stores are not big, but overall they are still cheap. The goods in most stores of Tosu Premium Outlets are displayed at prices, such as 3,000 Yen, 5,000 Yen, and so on. As long as you set the psychological price, you can go shopping with pleasure.

Overview of Tosu Premium Outlets 3

In Tosu Premium Outlets, there are also clothing size modification offices and goods mailing services. Consumers can rent strollers if they show their ID and pay 1,000 Yen at the information desk. The wheelchair rental service is free.

Although it is an open-air shopping mall, the smoking area of Tosu Premium Outlets is only located near the parking lot, which makes the air throughout Tosu Premium Outlets very good. In addition, there is also an ambulance department here. Even if Tosu Outlets are far away from the city, consumers may feel pleasant and assured when they come with the elderly and children.


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