The World's Top Five Outlets (II) - The Mall Firenze

  • Rory Connolly
  • 4 Sep
The World's Top Five Outlets (II) - The Mall Firenze

Have you started your trip to Italy? If you have seen the Pitti Palace in Florence, visited the Museum of the Academy of Fine Arts, and had a cordial "meeting" with David and Poseidon, then your spiritual civilization in Italy is enough. Now, I suggest you go to The Mall Firenze and enrich your material life. You can buy luxury products with 10%, 20%, and 30% discount.

Overview of The Mall Firenze

Store scale: more than 20 stores

Discount index: ★★★★

Shopping index: ★★★★★

Business hours: 10:00 AM - 19:00 PM

The Mall Firenze is not a "Mall", but a commercial area composed of dozens of independent buildings. TOD'S, TOUS, and some local Italian brands share two separate buildings. Italian national brands such as Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Ferragamo, Fendi, Armani, Zegna, La Perla, and other brands are in single separate buildings. There are more than 20 major brands in the four regions. And there are not many shops and the scale is not large, but we can find almost all the classic Italian brands we are familiar with.

Overview of The Mall Firenze

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As a well-known Outlets in northern Italy, The Mall Firenze attracts not only Florentine and tourists from other places in Italy but also many French and Germans who travel across the Alps to shop here. The Mall Firenze is located on the hillside of a hill. Self-driving is undoubtedly the most convenient and direct way to get there. There are few public transportation from Florence to The Mall Firenze. Tourists can take the SITA long-distance public transport bus directly to The Mall Firenze at Via S. Caterina da Siena, near the Santa Maria Novella train station in the center of Florence. If you live in a hotel in the city center and don't want to find a car by yourself, you can book a shuttle bus service half a day in advance. My way of arrival is by taxi, which takes more than an hour. However, the price of a taxi is a bit expensive, which is more than 100 euros.

Before going to The Mall Firenze, I heard that most of the shoppers there are Eastern tourists. Although the discount is large, the styles of the products are old, and fashionable people generally don't like to go shopping here. But when I actually went there, I realized that the rumors were unbelievable. If you have a favorite brand, you must be here as soon as possible, otherwise many new models that arrive in the morning will be snatched away by other buyers.

The single-body commercial stores are open-shelf shopping. The Fendi and Burberry discounts were surprisingly low on the day I arrived. At noon, these two shops began to restrict the entry of customers, and they had to queue up at the door. Many people who shop here say that Ferragamo is the most worth buying. Its discounts are lower than in many Outlets in Europe. It is said that during the Christmas discount season, some products will also be discounted.

Overview of The Mall Firenze 2

Here, the Gucci store discounts are very attractive. Generally speaking, women's clothing and accessories are more expensive than men's. A pair of Gucci men's formal leather shoes with elegant style and excellent leather costs 140 euros, and a men's leather jacket with special materials is only 500 euros.

In just two hours, I also bought a lot of things, including Gucci handbags for 248 euros, TOD'S classic peas shoes for 175 euros, and Armani neckties for 60 euros (two total of 60 euros). In these two hours, in addition to choosing a dazzling array of products, it took me about 40 minutes to queue up at the Gucci store to check out.

The parking lot of The Mall Firenze is about the same size as the entire commercial area. Even during non-weekend hours, half of the cars are parked in the parking lot. The green area in the business district is large, with independent stores surrounding the green area. Here, there are many benches for consumers to rest.

There is only one dining place in The Mall Firenze, selling pizza, drinks, and other food. A regular pizza is 4.5 euros, which is enough for a man with a small appetite for lunch. The price of mineral water is 1.5 euros per bottle (500ML), which is three times the price of the same mineral water in convenience stores on the highway. There are not many seats in the restaurant, and there is always a queue when buying food. In good weather, eating on the open green space is also a good choice. In Italy, the minimum consumption standard for outdoor seating can be much more expensive than in a house. And smoking is not allowed in most indoor places in Italy.


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