The World's Top Five Outlets (III) - Las Rozas Village

  • Tom Haynie
  • 7 July
The World's Top Five Outlets (III) - Las Rozas Village

Madrid is a prestigious shopping paradise in Europe. There are not only elegant high-end shopping districts and fashion avenues full of Spanish style but also outlets that all people love to patronize. LAS ROZAS VILLAGE is one of the "Top Ten European Shopping Villages".

Overview of Las Rozas Village

Shop scale: more than 90

Discount index: ★★★★★

Shopping index: ★★★★

Business hours: Monday to Friday, Sunday: 11:00 AM - 21:00 PM; Saturday: 11:00 AM - 22:00 PM

Las Rozas Village brings together many international big names and local Spanish brands, including Burberry, Versace, Hugo Boss, Kenzo, Zegna, etc. Of course, there are also works by Loewe, a Spanish national treasure luxury brand, and other talented Spanish designers. In addition to the brand, all shoppers are most concerned about discounts, and Las Rozas Village, which is about 40% off, is obviously very kind in this regard. It has become an important reason why consumers are praised here.

Overview of Las Rozas Village

Las Rozas Village shopping village is located northwest of Madrid. Not only is this a must-visit place for almost all tourists in Madrid, but even the well-dressed and shrewd Madrid people will also drive by a family on weekends. Spaniards with natural artist temperament make this place full of artistic sense. The unified Moorish style buildings are laid out in a "Γ" shape. The exterior walls of the store are uniformly whitewashed in yellow or white, which is full of temptation in the sun.

Before shopping at Las Rozas Village, you must remember to go to the service desk and ask for a map of the shopping village, and then make a simple shopping plan based on your stay time, such as where to start shopping, where to focus, and where to sit for a while if you are tired.

Overview of Las Rozas Village 2

The discount here is very attractive to consumers. A classic Burberry trench coat is only 300 euros. A Hugo Boss suit is less than 400 euros. A Loewe wallet is only 150 euros. Faced with such a cheap price, even a reasonable person can hardly restrain their impulse. How about you?

In addition to the visible benefits, one of the biggest advantages of shopping in Spain is that the tax refund for tourists is the highest among European countries, which reaches 13%. It is said that even the former Real Madrid superstar David Beckham often visits Las Rozas Village shopping village for a pleasant shopping experience.

Overview of Las Rozas Village 3

When you miss your size, you should be particularly upset. It doesn't matter, at this time you can go to the open-air restaurant in the shopping village, sit down, and order a glass of Espresso and exquisite desserts to soothe your mood. After you have stored your energy, you can continue planning your next shopping route against the map.

For tourists, after shopping in Las Rozas Village, they can also stop by to visit the medieval city of Toledo, which is adjacent to Madrid. However, this means that your shopping time may have to be compressed. Those who are not strong enough to self-control are best to set up reminders to avoid delaying the trip.


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