The World's Top Five Outlets (IV) - La Vallee Village

  • Robert Stein
  • 8 Sep
The World's Top Five Outlets (IV) - La Vallee Village

La Vallee Village is a famous Outlets in Paris. There are many international brands, which are at least 30% cheaper than the regular price. Although it has been selling seasonal products, after all, in Paris, the environment and goods of La Vallee Village have maintained a certain level, which will definitely satisfy you.

Overview of La Vallee Village

Store scale: 75 brands

Discount index: ★★★

Shopping index: ★★★

Business hours: 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM (Closed at 7:00 PM in winter and Sunday)

La Vallee Village is located on the outskirts of Paris, and shoppers/travellers need to take the RER suburban train to get there. Shoppers can buy tickets at Chatelet-Les Halles, Auber, Gare de Lyon, and other RER stations in central Paris, and then take the A line in the direction of Marne-la Vallee Chessy. In addition to this, you can also take subway No. 2, 6, or 9 to NATION station, and then transfer to Line A in the direction of Marne-la Vallee Chessy. Finally, get off at Vald’Europe. The one-way ticket is 5.85 euros.

Overview of La Vallee Village

La Vallee Village is not a traditional mall-style, but a quiet small village composed of many garden villas. Its entrance is an ART DECO-style iron gate. The village is paved with stone slab paths, lush flowers, and trees. Shoppers/travellers can also pass by classical or modern sculptures, and the environment is particularly elegant. The layout of the shops is also very special and different. By seeing the appearance, some shops are really too small. I don't know how to welcome more people during the discount season.

In addition to LV, almost all major international brands such as Burberry, Dunhill, Dior, D&G, Kenzo, Versace can be found here. The Armani store is very large, with a lot of goods, and the price is relatively moderate. Shoppers/travellers can buy a pair of silk women's shoes for 150 euros. Burberry's discount is very large, 300~400 euros can buy a classic Burberry trench coat. The sexy French brand Cacharel is not all out of season, and summer clothes are still available. Miss sixty even sells new products. Certainly, they are not discounted.

Overview of La Vallee Village 2

In addition to the big names, shoppers and travellers can also find cheap sports brands such as Puma and Reebok. Christian Lacroix also has a large shop in La Vallee Village. Even if you don't buy it, it is worthwhile to appreciate the old-school French gorgeousness. There is also a children's clothing store called Agnes b. You can't miss it. You can see many big-name children's clothing here, such as Chloe, Dior, etc. The cute little clothes are not inferior to adult clothes.

In addition to clothing, shoes, and underwear, La Vallee Village also has cosmetics stores and home furnishing stores. When we went there, it was not a lot of people. Most of them were tourists from other European countries. A French girl who walked with us said that French people often come here to shop, but they usually buy goods only during the discount season. Because at that time you can buy products with 3%~40% off the value.

La Vallee Village is also connected to the large shopping mall Vald'Europe Shopping Centre. It sells not only clothing, shoes, and hats, but also bookstores and theme restaurants. There is also the underwater world and the oversized Auchan on the basement floor. You may not be able to finish shopping for a day.

Overview of La Vallee Village 3

There are only two or three cafes in La Vallee Village, including Bert's cafe Contemporain and Starbucks. There is also an Italian ice cream shop called Amorino. However, many restaurants in Vald'Europe can be found across the street. So, there is no need to worry about eating.

The reception center of La Vallee Village has multi-language services and it provides a small brochure for store information. In addition, there are children's playgrounds, umbrellas, strollers, and wheelchair rental services. Be sure to remember that you can get a 12% tax refund for more than 175.01 euros at any store in La Vallee Village. Tax refund procedures can be done there. So, don't forget to enjoy these "benefits".

Unfortunately, October is not a discount season. La Vallee Village did not show a crazy side. This season, general merchandise will enjoy a discount of 70 to 20% and a minimum of 50 to 60%. This price always makes people hesitate. But I still think La Vallee Village is worth visiting. This place can definitely subvert your traditional impression of Outlets.


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