Six Popular Topic Shops in Odaiba, Tokyo

  • Alan Riva
  • 20 Aug
Six popular topic shops in Odaiba, Tokyo

Odaiba is about an hour away from downtown Tokyo and is famous for its beautiful night view. Being adjacent to Tokyo Bay, Tokyo Tower, Rainbow Bridge and other dreamy buildings, it has become the best location for many Japanese dramas.

Many large commercial and entertainment facilities are also here, which attarct tourists from all over the world. In this article, we will share you with 6 popular topic shops in AQUA CITY ODAIBA.

1. Ramen Kokugikan Dance

On the 5th floor of AQUA CITY ODAIBA, "Ramen Kokugikan Mai", a popular ramen shop in Japan, was established in 2005 and is a popular shop that many foreign tourists love to check in. The thick sea-old pork bone dipping noodles, thick pork bone ramen, and Kanazawa curry noodles are all popular types of ramen sought after by many media.

Japanese Ramen


Boys, who are keen on comics, you cannot miss the JUMP SHOP! The JUMP SHOP in AQUA CITY ODAIBA sells "Weekly Shonen JUMP" and various JUMP-related publications. Among them, popular "ONE PIECE" and "Volleyball Boy" can be bought here.

Volleyball Boy
3. Musee de peau

Musee de peau is a Japanese drugstore chain, with a very complete range of brands. Brands that are not sold in general drugstores or high-end cosmetics brands can also be bought here. From time to time, there will be limited editions on sale at counters, which are suitable as souvenirs for friends and family.


Air BIC CAMERA is a comprehensive boutique that mainly sells electrical products and also collects various popular products such as digital cameras, watches, medical supplies, and SIM cards. Since it is located in Odaiba, a famous tourist attraction in Tokyo, the store also offers Tokyo's specialty snacks. And this makes it one of the best places to purchase souvenirs. Whether you are visiting Japan or visiting Odaiba, Air BIC CAMERA is a good place where you can enjoy shopping.


5. Toys R Us, Baby R Us

It is no longer necessary to prepare baby supplies in your baggage before visiting Japan. The shelves of the Odaiba branch of "Toys R Us" and "Baby R Us" are not only filled with baby's daily necessities, but also a variety of toys, games and other items. In addition to toys, there are also maternal and child products, all of which are Japanese brands. Moms in need can buy with confidence.

Baby R Us

6. Roasted Meat Garuva

It's almost night after shopping around the shops. Don't forget to find a restaurant with a beautiful view to enjoy the night view of Odaiba. We especially recommend Garuva. Roasted Meat Garuva is a yakiniku restaurant that many Japanese stars love. In Japan, beef is graded, and grade five beef can be provided here. In the big windows of Yakiniku Garuva, Tokyo's iconic sights such as Tokyo Tower, Rainbow Bridge, and Statue of Liberty in Odaiba can be enjoyed.

Roasted Meat Garuva

At the entrance of AQUA CITY ODAIBA, there is also a sightseeing Android robot "Junko Nihira". You can consult her if encountering problems during shopping.

Today's sharing is over. You may visit these shops if you travel to Tokyo or Odaiba.


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