Australia is the sixth-largest country in the world by area and the only country in the world that covers the entire continent. This is a continent surrounded by oceans, with the Pacific Ocean to the east and the Indian Ocean to the west. It is across the sea from Indonesia in the northwest and New Zealand in the southeast.

Australia is rich in products and is known as the "country on the back of the sheep", the "country on the mine cart" and the "country holding wheat ears". As one of the most economically developed countries in the world, livable, modern, and beautiful environment are the labels of Australian cities. Sunny beaches, slow-paced life, clean streets, and garden-like cities not only attract tourists, but also new immigrants from all over the world to settle here. Therefore, you can appreciate the diverse cultures in Australia and taste the cuisines of all countries in the world. Australia has beautiful natural scenery and rare animal and plant resources, such as the Great Ocean Road, Blue Mountains National Park, Great Barrier Reef, Uluru, etc., which constitute Australia's unique natural scenery. Kangaroos, koalas, platypus, and Tasmanian devil are rare animals that can only be seen in Australia.

 New Zealand

"Blue sky, white clouds, and green grass" are the most attractive things in this country. Eyes full of green and white clouds within reach make you feel like you are in a fairy tale country. Those who like skiing, sailing, whale watching, hiking, diving, swimming, and fishing will find it a rare and good place. Here you can do the simplest, most exciting, and most interesting things. People and nature are intimately blended, and you can feel the gifts of nature.


Rotate the globe, in the center of the South Pacific, you will see a small island, where the 180-degree meridian passes through, is Fiji. Fiji is known as the "crossroads" of the South Pacific, and it consists of 332 islands. As the 180-degree longitude runs through it, Fiji has become the easternmost and westernmost country in the world. Blue sky and sea, coconut groves into the clouds, white sandy beaches, strange-shaped coral reefs, colorful fishes, etc., all these can only be felt when you arrive in Fiji. Then you will find that heaven is nothing more than that.


This is a casual city. The sea within reach, the sailboats and yachts anchored in the harbor, and the delicious red wine in the winery, all remind everyone to slow down the pace of life. But our first understanding of the city began with "The Hobbit" and "The Lord of the Rings." In these movies, the natural scenery is picturesque. The idyllic life like a song all makes movie fans yearn for it. This is the largest city in the North Island of New Zealand, also known as the Capital of Thousand Sails. This is Auckland.


There are modern skyscrapers and small fresh pastoral scenery. There are endless deserts and yellow sands, and there are endless blue sky and blue sea. The quiet and shy Swan River runs through the entire urban area, injecting a touch of agility into this remote capital. The splendid buildings of the entire city seem to tell you about past history here. If you want to come to this leisure and vacation, Perth has a variety of seashores. If you want to come to this wilderness adventure, Perth has dense jungles and uninhabited deserts. In the most distant and lonely capital in the world, a colorful life is waiting for you to explore!


This is probably the coolest capital in the world, overturning our previous solemn impression of the capital of a country. The majestic government buildings are not imagined but replaced by characteristic buildings of various genres, rich museum exhibitions, pristine natural forests, and the leisure life rhythm of local citizens. It is also the filming location of "The Lord of the Rings" and the hometown of the great director Peter Jackson. This is the capital of New Zealand, Wellington.


Here is the center of the Otago Peninsula, full of vibrant college culture and art. It has a history of thousands of years and was once a settlement for Scottish immigrants. For this reason, the whole city exudes a strong Scottish style. This is a relaxing and comfortable city. It has cute little penguins and little seals and the vast coastal scenery, which allows you to stop your hasty travel and listen to the call of nature. This charming city is called Dunedin


The emergence of Canberra stems from the capital struggle between Sydney and Melbourne. Both of these places hope to become the capital of the emerging federal system of Australia, and they will never compromise with each other. Therefore, we can only adopt a compromise method and temporarily set aside a piece of land on the plain as the capital. This is the embryonic form of Canberra. This rather untidy city is nestled between shrub-covered mountains and hills, surrounded by beautiful villages and wineries that "grow" like mushrooms. Although many people describe Canberra as a slightly boring city, whether you will fall in love with it or not, you will know after experiencing it on your own.


The blue sky and white clouds dot the entire sky of Brisbane. The comfortable climate also gave birth to the warm and cheerful character of Brisbane citizens. Don’t worry about finding your way while walking on the street, the friendly Brisbane people will take you where you want to go. Although it is the capital of Queensland, there is no such thing as a capital. Here you will rarely see towering, peaceful government buildings, but more of the flowing rivers and tree-lined city parks. No wonder the locals kindly call this village Brissie.


It is really difficult to describe this city in one word. Because this is such a diverse city. The last second you saw was the Victorian dignified and elegant old-fashioned building, and the next second you saw the colorful theme jumping graffiti paintings. It is also an all-inclusive city that gathers cuisines from all over the world. Here you can make friends with people from all over the world, and go to see all kinds of shocking art exhibitions. This is a world-famous livable city, with gardens and abundant leisure activities all over the city, making people not want to leave when they come.


Christchurch is an important gateway to the South Island of New Zealand. The architecture of the whole city exudes a strong British style. Although after the 2011 earthquake, the main attractions in the city center have been completely unrecognizable, the strong and optimistic Christchurch citizens still used their tenacious hands to rebuild their paradise among the ruins. Christchurch now retains the traditional taste of Britain and adds a lot of new vitality. The surrounding natural landscape is also particularly beautiful, waiting for tourists from all over the world to discover.


People often use the name Tahiti to refer to entire French Polynesia, but it is actually only the largest island in this vast archipelago. Tahiti has the reputation of Queen of the Pacific. It is also the seat of the international airport, the international port and the capital of Papeete, and the economic & administrative center of the archipelago to which French Polynesia belongs. No matter where you come from, this place will be your first island in French Polynesia. Compared with other islands, Tahiti has a stronger sense of humanity. The gorgeous market, lively night market, quiet museum, and uniform street market all show you the charm of this holiday paradise.

 Gold Coast

The 42-kilometer-long coastline is its graceful appearance. The passionate waves and colorful surfboards are the most famous business cards here. If you think there is only surfing, then you are wrong. The crowded amusement parks around the coast and the primitive parks with dense jungles on the coast add a lot of fresh elements to this resort. This is a surfer's paradise, and this is the Gold Coast.

 Great Barrier Reef

There are the largest and longest coral reefs in the world, the most primitive undersea microcosms and diverse undersea biota. You can dive into the deep seabed to play with the fish or watch the strange corals up close. You can also take a seaplane to fly to the top of the blue sky and overlook the magnificent sea scenery. You only need to bring a swimsuit and sunglasses to play games with the blue sky and sea.