Feel the Art in This Japanese Hotel

  • Leonard Hurt
  • 26 Oct
Feel the Art in This Japanese Hotel

BnA Hotel has opened two branches in Koenji and Akihabara in Tokyo. However, the brand recently opened its doors to the third-largest hotel chain, BnAAlterMuseum in Kyoto.

In addition to allowing visitors and travelers to experience the unique experience of sleeping in a weird and wonderful art installation, this hotel project also supports the local art community and gives back to Japanese creatives. Coins are everywhere in the room.

The entire 10-story hotel has 31 permanent exhibition halls created by 15 Japanese artists. There are grotesque installations and bright and colorful media. Everyone who comes here feels a different artistic atmosphere, which probably depends on your mood at the time.

Some exhibition halls feature 360° murals, while others feature large woven sculptures. Most of them were built in three months. At some point in the future, they will be deconstructed and replaced with a series of brand new exhibitions to show a brand new hotel.

What is Instagram's dream? When I first arrived here, I don’t know which room I like best, but there are indeed a few rooms that make people think they are works of art.

The first one is the "goennoma" room designed by Ryuichi Ohira. There are only two double beds in a spacious space. Inside are a small black desk and a few pieces of wood. But what really shines is the five-yen coin carefully placed on the wall. The coin pattern even appeared on the bed cover. This is a recognition of the symbolic belief of the five-yen coin. This belief is usually stored in temples and shrines. As recorded, there are 1,600 temples and shrines in Kyoto.

My other favorite is definitely the'D/R/M room. Sound and vibration play a key role when you move through many areas of space, which are designed according to the chamber of the human ear. Perhaps the most fascinating thing is this tunnel of light that allows you to post photos on Instagram. It will engulf you in small blue light spots.

This hotel also has a 10-story, 30-meter vertical gallery in the stairwell. Those who love the sea will undoubtedly choose Venus’sFlowerBasketroom designed by LuluKouno. Sleeping here is like sleeping in a coral reef. The bed is placed in the center of the room, wrapped in a white mesh, extending from the ground to the ceiling. On all four walls are a hand-painted colorful coral mural.

The new hotel is flanked by ancient buildings. Buying art for your own home is an excellent way to show your personality and style, but custom art can come at a price. This tends to be a deterrent to young buyers in Australia and Japan. The founders of BnA knew this, which is why they adopted a revenue-sharing system. This means that every reserved art room has a certain percentage of income paid directly to the creator of the exhibition.

Artists have received tangible recognition, and travelers enjoy a unique experience. This is indeed a win-win situation.


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