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What Other Special Food in Denmark Besides Seafood?

  • Tony Brown
  • 23 Oct
What Other Special Food in Denmark Besides Seafood?

Denmark is one of the oldest kingdoms in Europe and is a bridge between the European continent and Scandinavia. Denmark is rich in seafood, and most of the cuisines are made with seafood as raw materials. The Danes pay attention to the fragrant and crispy dishes and like to make a variety of dishes. Danish food has a strong taste, mostly slightly sour and sweet.

In terms of staple food, the Danes rely mainly on bread. The Danes have a deep affection for bread. There are more than 700 types of bread they make. All kinds of single-layer, double-layer, and multi-layer bread exude an attractive fragrance, which is mouth-watering. If you sandwich each layer with sliced bacon, tomato slices, liver paste, water radish slices, etc., it is truly a delicious meal.

So, besides seafood, what other special food in Denmark?

1. Sandwich

This is the most representative cuisine in Denmark. The Danes used their imaginations to make a variety of sandwiches. Every kind of sandwich can touch your taste. In various traditional restaurants and chain hotels in Denmark, visitors can taste delicious sandwiches, and they usually have side dishes.

2. Danish

Danish is also known as Wienerbroed. Visitors can find delicious Danish pastries in the bakeries on every street in Denmark. It is the most famous dessert in Denmark.

3. Danish Pastries

Danish pastries have an attractive aroma. Take a bite, crisp and refreshing. If it is served with a cup of sweet coffee, it is really beautiful. Passengers can buy some packaged pastries, which are great items to take home to give to relatives and friends.

4. Danish Cheese

Danish dairy cows are a natural source of internationally renowned dairy products. Many small independent cattle farms can supply selected organic cheeses. Even if it is delicious, it is a great gift.

5. Salted Herring

This is a must-have food on the Danish table. Coat the whole rye bread with butter, and then place salted herring soaked in herbs or spices on the bread. A classic Danish fish meal is ready.

6. Danish Beer

The Danish beer industry has a history of more than 130 years. For a long time, Danish beer has the characteristics of high output, good quality, many varieties of colors, and large sales in the international market. One of the most reputable is "Carlsberg", which is transparent in texture and pure in taste.

7. Distinctive Danish folk cuisine

The egg cake from Funen, the cabbage sausage from South Jutland, and the fried fish with a jam from Skagen are all characteristic Danish folk delicacies. These are all Danish folk delicacies worthy of tourists.

In addition, pork balls, boiled cod with mustard sauce, crispy roast pork, potato stew, a beef burger with onion, etc. are all famous Danish delicacies. There is also a cold buffet that includes herring, salad, various cold cuts, and cheese, which is diverse, nutritious, and delicious. If you want to taste fresh Danish local produce, you must take a walk in the countryside. Both the farm and the orchard have self-service fruit and vegetable stalls along the road.


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