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Warm-up with Japanese Raw Wine in Aluminum Bottles

  • Gerard Smith
  • 10 Oct
Warm-up with Japanese Raw Wine in Aluminum Bottles

Autumn is a good season for traveling. On the bright autumn days, going to Japan to enjoy the red leaves is simply wonderful. It is the best time for Japan to enjoy autumn leaves. The maple leaves in the mountains are red and colorful, and they are full of splendor. At this time, pair it with a refreshing bottle of sake, sing a song, feel relaxed physically and mentally, relieve work pressure, and wash the soul from the inside out.

When traveling in Japan's autumn leaves season, you can take a picnic mat and prepared snacks with your family or friends to enjoy the red leaves in the mountains, and quietly enjoy the baptism of the autumn sunshine. Of course, the most indispensable thing in these relaxing moments is wine. This time Tour Wisdom recommends to everyone the aluminum bottled sake launched by the famous sake brand, Nippon Mori. Recently it also launched new flavors and new packaging.

Japanese Raw Wine1

Everyone is very familiar with sake. That's right! The glass bottle is slightly heavy, although it is delicious, it is not convenient to wear Japanese sake. It is very difficult to bring a few bottles when traveling outdoors. However, the Japanese Sheng aluminum bottled raw wine introduced to you this time overturned the traditional image. It uses an aluminum bottle design, small and light, 200ml bottle. You don't feel heavy when you put a few bottles in the bag.

There are four rich and different flavors of Japanese raw wine in aluminum bottles. The brewing is mellow and warm. Junmai Ginjo has a sweet and fruity aroma and a richer taste. The entrance of Daiginjo is more gorgeous and longer. The golden bottle of pure rice great brewing sake from the finest rice is the highest quality of the four sakes. It has a rich, mellow, and fruity fresh taste. Because the bottle body is packed in an aluminum bottle, it has strong shading and airtightness. The wide mouth design is easy to drink. The bottle cap can be opened and closed repeatedly, and it can be drunk anytime and anywhere, which is convenient and hygienic.

Japanese Raw Wine2

This Japan aluminum bottled raw wine uses "independent brewing technology. Generally, Japanese sake is made through two processes: "fire (heat sterilization)" and "water (dilute the original liquid to adjust the alcohol content)". However, the raw wine is removed These two processes retain the original pure taste of Japanese sake to the greatest extent. After drinking, the long mellow aroma diffuses from the tip of the tongue, and you can feel the ultimate sense of the aroma of the wine in the mouth.

When you travel to Japan during the autumn leaves season, you can participate in picnics in the park and major music festivals. Of course, if you want to have a lot of fun, you must have alcohol. Japan's Sheng aluminum bottled raw wine is slightly drunk and not drunk, is it really not a bottle?

On this golden autumn day, drink a pot of Japanese raw wine. The weather is cool and autumn is so beautiful.


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