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The Food You Must Not Miss When Traveling

  • Zoran Graham
  • 16 Oct
The food you must not miss when traveling

Every place and country has a variety of unforgettable cuisines. Some people travel far and wide just to eat a bite of the food they want to eat. The delicious things that you eat will make you remember it, and it will become the most memorable souvenir of your journey. I believe that the local cuisine will make you truly appreciate the local customs of this place.

Today we are going to introduce some delicacies that cannot be missed from all over the world. You can see if there is a dish you like among these delicacies.

1. Bastia stuffing pie
Bastia stuffing pie

This is a dish that often appears in various celebrations in Morocco. Although it looks like an ordinary stuffing pie, the production process is very complicated, and it will take about four hours. Its raw materials are poultry meat, onions, almonds, etc. When making it, you should firstly add proper seasonings to make fillings, and then put these fillings into thin cakes, and finally bake them in the oven until they are browned. When you smell this meatloaf, your appetite will be enlarged, and you will especially want to eat. When you eat Bastia pie, you will feel comfortable and full of energy. Maybe this is the unique charm of this kind of cuisine!

2. Blue mussels fries
Blue mussels fries

Blue mussel fries is a delicacy invented by the Belgians hundreds of years ago. I think the production of it is very simple when I first heard the name as if ordinary people could do it. Now there are chefs in many countries who can cook these dishes, but so far no one can cook blue mussels like Belgians. There are delicate processes when making it. Fresh scallops cooked in white wine are used to make blue mussels. The chef will put the fresh shellfish in the steam pot when serving and need to be served with French fries. The bright brown mussel with the taste of the sea, accompanied by golden fries, and the aroma of French red wine, is really delicious. Worth a try!

3. Croissant

As one of the world's three major cuisines, French cuisine is unforgettable. Among these mouth-watering French delicacies, croissants are the favorite. The croissant is deeply in memory because of its unique shape. The combination of flour and butter, the collision of humidity and temperature, and the integration of environment and geography have created a unique French croissant in the world. Tear the finished croissant gently, and the smell of the scent comes straight into the nose. Take a bite, and your mouth is full of the scent of bread, leaving the lingering fragrance. French croissants can not be imitated casually. Only in the early morning in France, you can eat the most authentic and delicious croissants! Pair it with a cup of coffee milk and some jam, this is an unforgettable French breakfast.

4. Miang Kham
Miang Kham

Miang Kham comes from Thailand. It is the same as Thailand, giving people a mysterious feeling. Miang Kham is very popular locally and is famous for street food and snacks for gatherings. It has a rich taste and is relatively simple to make. We can choose to put some of our favorite foods on the vegetable leaves, such as ginger, coconut meat, etc., and then evenly sprinkle a sweet sauce on the top of the ingredients, and finally roll the vegetable leaves. A delicious Miang Kham is freshly baked. If you plan to travel to Thailand or Laos, don’t forget to taste this unique delicacy!

5. Cream meringue
Cream meringue

This cream meringue is favored by two countries. Both Australia and New Zealand say that this cookie originated in their own country, so this delicacy can be eaten in Australia or New Zealand. Cream meringues look very appetizing. The Merengue-style base is full of cream, and the cream is rich in fruit, giving a festive atmosphere. In summer, this kind of dessert is very popular.

6. Tacos

This deep-fried food that sounds ubiquitous is not actually a meat roll with lettuce and tomatoes in our memory. What I am going to talk about today is a Mexican taco. This taco recipe is simple and delicious. You just need to top the prepared tacos with minced meat, onion, and cilantro, and then add a little orange juice. The delicious taco is ready! Take a bite, and the fragrance of the mouthful makes people unforgettable. Although tacos are a delicacy that is easy to overlook, they reflect a not-so-simple sentiment. Only when you taste it yourself can you know the beauty of it!

More and more people in the world like to travel abroad, not only because of the interesting and beautiful buildings and scenery but also the delicious food in these places. Both men and women will be attracted by delicious food. When you travel to the above countries, don't miss these delicacies!


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