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Have You Eaten These Special Finnish Foods?

  • Tony Brown
  • 23 Oct
Have You Eaten These Special Finnish Foods?

Speaking of Finland, everyone will definitely think of Nokia, a mobile phone brand that makes Finland visible to the world. Speaking of Finnish cuisine, what can you think of? Today, I will share with you a few Finnish specialties that I have eaten. If you have the opportunity to travel to Finland, you must try it.

1. Reindeer

The most famous game in Finland is the reindeer. This burly, northern animal that migrates to the cold mountains and plains is a very nutritious tonic in the eyes of foreign tourists. From the perspective of health care, reindeer meat with very little fat is indeed a very beneficial choice.

Poronkäistys is a better way of cooking. Cook the chopped meat until the meat is crispy and thick, and then serve with mashed potatoes and sweet red plum sauce. After a feast, it will make people feel relieved and warmed up. You can also try "Chopped Venison" instead. Sautéed with simmering fire, full of wild flavor. In the hunting season of late summer and autumn wind, numerous mountain fowls and game are filled on the tables of Finnish restaurants, especially wild ducks and grouses. With better luck, tourists can also taste the increasingly common bear meat dishes in traditional restaurants.

2. Salmon

Finland is known as the "country of a thousand lakes", and the country's coastline is long and circuitous, so the supply of fish is very abundant. Among them, salmon, Baltic herring, salmon, and freshwater cod are delicious. Finland is worthy of being a paradise for fish lovers.

There are many ways of cooking, such as smoking, grilling, steaming, and baking. Finland's environment is very clean and rarely polluted, so fresh fish in the market or fish stalls in supermarkets can be bought for raw fish fillets. If you like Japanese-style sashimi, you might as well go to the market and try it yourself. Graavi, known as Finnish "fish sushi", is a famous snack there. Wrap marinated sashimi with small potatoes and cream parsley. Compared to Japanese sushi with rice, it has a unique flavor. In addition, crayfish from the waters are an indispensable seasonal delicacy for Finns in summer. A cup of locally produced vodka, and a sandwich with caviar, has become a delicious delicacy for seafood lovers.

3. Karelian Pie

When traveling to Finland, visitors can taste Finnish food. Of course, the must-eat food in Finland is Karelian pie. It is the oldest diet in Finland. Karelian pies are like Chinese dumplings in the Finnish diet. If there are major events or major festivals, Finns will definitely entertain guests with this kind of food.

It is oval and made of Finnish hacker wheat. When making it, the Finns fill it with mashed potatoes or rice. And the rice must be cooked in advance, it tastes more mellow than ordinary rice. Then pinch some folds around to make it appear like a small tray. Finally, it is baked in the oven. When eating, visitors can put a layer of sauce made of egg yolk and butter on it, and then sprinkle some of their favorite condiments. Karelian pie tastes delicious and has high nutritional value. It is an authentic Finnish delicacy. When you come to Finland, it is a must-eat food. Tourists must not miss it.

So, when traveling to Finland, what are the street foods you must not miss? Of course, it's continental gingerbread! , It is a kind of delicacy that must be tasted when you come to Finland, it is very delicious. Thinking about it now, I salivate. Finns eat pancakes while drinking glogi. This wine is a kind of wine mixed with almonds and raisins, which tastes spicy and mellow.

The above are all delicacies worth eating when traveling in Finland, you must not miss it!


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