Travel Guide for Tokyo Ginza

  • Ricardo Abla
  • 31 Oct

It's said that Tokyo is the fashion capital, and Ginza is basically one of the most representative commercial districts in Tokyo! This so-called "Asia's most expensive place" not only gathers all kinds of big-name flagship stores but also on both sides of the street. Surrounded by big shopping malls, it is a paradise for shoppers! Although some people say that Ginza has been surrounded by group customers in the past two years and has affected the shopping experience, what I want to say is that you still find the right place to shop in Ginza! In this article, I will give Everyone recommends a few shops that I go to every time I go to Ginza.

1. Tokyu Plaza Ginza

Every time I go to Ginza, the first stop must be Tokyu Plaza Ginza. Because it is connected to the subway station, Exit C2 of Ginza Station leads directly to the mall. If you first arrive in Ginza and don't know where to start shopping, then I suggest you take Tokyu Plaza Ginza as the first stop, and then slowly walk to the busiest shopping street in Ginza.

The appearance of the Tokyu Plaza Ginza building is very recognizable. It is considered a new commercial facility in Ginza, which opened in 2016, and the exterior design is very modern and atmospheric. I have always told my Tokyo girlfriends that Tokyu Plaza Ginza looks like a very fashionable "Tokyo style", because many fashionable young people in Japan who like fashion come here to buy clothes and eat, and there are hardly any middle-aged and elderly people.

Tokyu Plaza Ginza has 13 floors, from 2 basement floors to 11 floors above ground. It is one of the largest commercial facilities in Ginza. Because the mall is very large, it is recommended that everyone take the direct elevator to the "Lotte Duty Free Shop" on the 9th floor, and then go down the first floor. The 9th floor is the cosmetics and cosmeceutical area, as well as some small appliances for sale. Cosmetics almost covers most brands in Japan, South Korea, Europe, and the United States, and there are many sets of duty-free shops. I heard that Jo Malone here is the cheapest in Asia. Nowadays, not only Chinese people come to buy, but even Japanese people before going abroad like to go to Lotte Duty Free Shop to buy cosmetics.

In addition to regular Japanese stores, ReFa can also be purchased at Lotte Duty Free Shops, and the counters here are very complete. The counter sister will also recommend the most suitable ReFa model according to the different needs of each person. Not only the latest ReFa products but also Lotte duty-free limited set gift boxes.

Lotte Duty Free Shop also has a SKIN CARE area, where you can buy some of the hottest beauty devices on the market. If you have a need for beauty devices, you can come to Lotte Duty Free Shop and consult the counter sister. The most suitable model, don't blindly follow the trend of the Internet.

In addition to cosmetics, Lotte Duty Free also has some popular cosmeceuticals. You can find facial masks that are sometimes out of stock because they are out of stock. You can buy all the facial masks you want here.

Almost every counter now has discounts and promotions. For example, Sulwhasoo counters now have additional discounts in addition to various duty-free shop-limited discount packages. The minimum 20% off is really cost-effective. I have included two 120ml bottles of Moisturizing Essence for the New Year's special offer. One set is 15% off. I also gave away a set of 5-piece samples of the ginseng series for 20,000 yen. I used a 500 yen voucher for Tokyu Plaza Ginza at the final checkout.

All cosmetics bought at Lotte Duty Free must be picked up at Haneda Airport or Narita Airport on the day of returning home so that we don't need to carry large bags and can continue to easily drop to other places for shopping!

The 8th floor sells bags and watches. GUCCI, MCM, Omega, and other big names are also available. The bag discount is about 30% off. Except for MCM, FIND KAPOOR, a popular Korean bag brand, has many colors and styles of fried chicken.

There is a "KIRIKO LOUNGE" on the 6th floor of Tokyu Plaza Ginza. The high-rise space design is very beautiful. If you are tired of shopping, you can have a light meal and a cup of coffee at the Café. The large windows here can also overlook the bustling Ginza street. From here, the cross streets in Ginza seem to be no less than the cross streets in Shibuya.

"HINKA RINKA" in Tokyu Plaza Ginza is a new concept "shop-in-shop", located on the 3rd to 5th floors of Tokyu Plaza Ginza. Each floor of HINKA RINKA has a different theme, and there are many new shops in Japan and Ginza. HINKA RINKA is very special. It is different from the previous buyer's shops. It is a new type of shop with "mood" as the main axis. It gathers a selection of Japanese current trends and hot fried chicken products. I like HINKA RINKA very much. Every time I come to Tokyu Plaza Ginza, I spend the most time here.

Every HINKA RINKA store is very particular about the design, and the design of accessories is strong. Many of them are designs that you can't see in department stores outside and are worth starting. HINKA RINKA's 3rd floor focuses on fashion clothing. In addition to clothing from Japanese local designer brands, there are also Western-style women's clothing brands that have opened stores in Japan for the first time. Each one is particularly good for shopping. Even if you don't buy clothes, it is very enjoyable to take a look at the most popular outfits in Japan nowadays.

The 4th floor focuses on ladies' shoes, fashion groceries, and various trendy clothing. The footwear brands are headed by "Charlotte Olympia and GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI". The styles are very beautiful and unique. I bought a pair of GOLDEN GOOSE sequin shoes that were sold out of stock.

I used a 5% discount coupon for Tokyu Plaza Ginza and a 500 yen voucher at checkout. Coupons can be collected at the service center for free with your passport. When you go to the Tokyu Plaza Ginza store, it is recommended to pick it up first.

Don't hurry after shopping. On the first floor of Tokyu Plaza Ginza, there is a very famous restaurant called "PARLA" for eating crepes. Regardless of its small size, this shop is very popular in Ginza. Many people come here admiringly. When there are many people, they even have to queue to buy.

PARLA sells a premium version of crepes. The fillings are made of high-quality Japanese ingredients. There are even caviar, rose, and rum. All crepes are made on the spot, and the crepes are still hot. Yes, it tastes great.

I ordered the pudding, which is 1,400 yen, which is really not cheap, but the packaging is high-quality and it is really delicious. It is worth checking in.


GINZA SIX, located in Ginza 6chome, is a trendy shopping place that I have liked very much over the past two years, and it is very popular among young women in Tokyo. This mall was renovated from the 88-year-old Matsuzakaya department store and reopened in May 2017. The origin of the GINZA SIX case is also the original intention of the project, which is to provide consumers in Ginza with six-star services and products.

In addition to gathering several flagship stores of the largest international brands, GINZA SIX also lavishly frees up a large area as an art space for artists to display the latest works. This is why GINZA SIX is so popular among young Japanese. Many of the world's top artists such as Yoshio Taniguchi, Kenya Hara, Peter Marino, Yayoi Kusama, etc. have been exhibited here. Come to GINZA SIX, there is a kind of "shopping in the surrounding of art". Every time I come to GINZA SIX, the huge floating art installation is different.

"SIXIEME" on the second floor of GINZA SIX is an area selling limited shoes, bags, jewelry, and other groceries, and many trendy brands can be found here.

Every time I come to GINZA SIX, I must visit the "CA4LA" on the fourth floor. I feel that this is better than another street shop in Ginza, with more styles. The interior decoration and hat styles of the CA4LA store are very stylish. CA4LA's hats are guaranteed by their unique and stylish and cute design and made in Japan. With its good reputation, its popularity has increased rapidly in recent years. It is very popular among Japanese hipsters, and it is also a hat brand that many Japanese artists and models love to use.

When you walk into the CA4LA store, there are various designs of hats on display, berets, top hats, woolen hats, and various uniquely designed hats that can be found here. Now there is a Taiwanese girl who can speak Mandarin in the store. You can also find her when you go there. There will be no language barriers.

If you buy a hat, you really need to try it on, because each hat has a different size. The good-looking ones may not suit you. Moreover, just trying it on is not enough. You have to take a selfie every time to see if it looks good.

There is a "Takuya Bookstore" on the sixth floor of GINZA SIX, and there are various exhibitions in the atrium from time to time. The Takuya Bookstore of GINZA SIX is different from other Takuya bookstores. It has a large space and is very atmospheric. I sometimes buy some design or travel albums. The two key points of Tsutaya Bookstore are "art" and "Japanese culture", which are reflected in book selection, object selection, and space design. Even if you don't buy a book, it's nice to buy a coffee and take a break here.

There is also the first "STARBUCKS RESERVE BAR" in Japan in the Tsutaya Bookstore. Only here can you buy Nitro Cold Brew Coffee in limited quantities. In addition, those who like to buy stationery can also shop in the bookstore, where there are many original and good things to buy. The BOOK&CAFÉ culture created by GINZA SIX is also quite deliberate.

The cosmetics floor of GINZA SIX is on the B1 floor. It is a place that girls can't miss. There are familiar brands such as Farman, Shu Uemura, Key of Skin, Dior, Shiseido, SUQQU, YSL BEAUTE, and MAKE UP FOR EVER have also opened flagships. Stores and directly operated stores. Some people want to say, why not buy the same brand in Ginza Mitsukoshi? What I want to say is that during the holidays, the Ginza Mitsukoshi cosmetics floor is crowded with people, and the shopping experience is very bad. If you want to queue for checkout, you must line up for a tax refund. I have been there once and it is no exaggeration to say that it is no different from a vegetable market! So I prefer to buy skincare products at GINZA SIX. There is also an advantage that a department store does not have: there is no processing fee for tax refunds and no queues! Makeup products are also quite complete Yes, you can let the cabinet sister make up to see the actual effect, especially the lipstick engraving service.

There is also a Café at the L'Occitane counter of GINZA SIX, and the whole shop is full of spring. In addition to the net red macaron palette platter, there is also a seasonal fruit platter, which is composed of mango, kiwi, orange, almond, sponge cake, and nougat ice cream, which is like a plate of flower art.

The L'Occitane counter of GINZA SIX also makes a variety of flavors of hand creams into a palette of oil paintings. The furnishings of the shop are also ingenious, and it is definitely a beauty shop with good looks.

After coming out of Ginza Six, I also visited Matsumoto Kiyoshi Drugstore. In addition to purchasing skincare products and cosmetics every time you come to Japan, the drugstore is also a must-visit. In addition to supplementing some commonly used medicines at home, I will also buy some new products recommended by Japanese friends.

The "CABAGIN KOWA α Granules" gastrointestinal medicine, which was newly introduced in March, is a boon for foods that are not good for the stomach. This gastrointestinal medicine has a good effect on hyperacidity, gastric reflux, and stomach pain, just like my usual If you accidentally eat too much in a travel shop, you will have indigestion. This gastrointestinal medicine is especially useful.

In fact, most of the enzymes in Japanese drugstores are boiled and repackaged, and it is difficult for the enzymes to be effective at temperatures above 70 degrees. Therefore, active enzymes are usually not consumed in enzyme drinks. The introduction of New Valley Enzyme is a live enzyme developed using koji and various grain fermentation. Because it is an active enzyme, it can decompose the fat, sugar, and protein in food, and supplement the body with the amount of enzyme that gradually decreases with age. It is considered a very high-quality brand among Japanese enzyme products.

Now go to the enzyme shelves of Japanese drugstores, most of the Shingu enzymes are placed in a more eye-catching position, and the popularity status in Japan is still very obvious. I asked the people in the drugstore what is the difference between these items, and I finally figured it out.

3. MIKIMOTO Ginza Main Store

For Pearl Control, MIKIMOTO is a palace-level existence. The Ginza main store is the best among all MIKIMOTO stores. The MIKIMOTO Ginza main store is located in Ginza 4-chome and officially reopened on June 1, 2017. The exterior design of the main store reflects the luxury brand phenomenon of MIKIMOTO, and it is one of the landmark buildings in Ginza with a strong sense of existence.

MIKIMOT's models that are popular with young women are some exquisite and compact styles, and the price is reasonable. This four-leaf clover pearl design is very suitable for young people. What I want to say is that the head office has a lot of styles, complete sizes, and good service. The salespersons are very patient and suggest that you try on a few more models, because only when you actually wear them can you compare which accessory is more suitable for you.

Earrings cannot be worn directly on the ears. Big names are very concerned about health issues. Therefore, the salesperson will put the ear studs on the transparent acrylic board very intimately so that the customers can put them on the ears to see the actual effect. MIKIMOTO Ginza is a direct tax refund, no handling fee, very convenient. The luster of MIKIMOTO pearls is really not covered, although it is small, it looks very advanced.

4. Ginza Enzo

This shop is really recommended and very cost-effective. There are luxurious courses in Kuroge Wagyu and Kobe beef. The store environment is a typical Japanese decoration style. We first ordered a thick-sliced beef tongue, which was the most surprising dish! I had never had a delicious grilled beef tongue in Tokyo before. Ginza Yanzang's beef tongue slices are very fresh, and they taste just right under 7 minutes. With dipping sauce, it is so delicious that you can't stop it!

The tenderloin is also very fresh, tender, juicy, and chewy after roasting. The beef platter is a must-order. Several different parts of the beef platter allow you to taste various tastes at once. My favorite is Snowflake Beef. I want to have another plate after eating it! The scallops topped with the secret sauce are also very delicious. I don't exaggerate to say that this meal is really a sense of happiness!

5. Mitsui Garden Hotel Ginza Gochome

Mitsui Garden Hotel Ginza Gochome is the hotel I want to recommend to everyone. The door of this hotel is very low-key. The location of the hotel is really very good, crossing the street and passing a traffic light is the most central commercial area of Ginza. It's a 2-minute walk to the subway station, it's really convenient to go shopping.

The color of the hotel room is elegant and clean, and there are sofa chairs by the window. The size of the bed is also larger than the average hotel. The room size is quite good in Ginza. The hotel's breakfast is also very good, from 9 kinds of side dishes, colorful sushi rolls, to standard Western breakfast, everything is available.

Finally, I hope that the above recommendations can be helpful to friends who are planning to travel to Tokyo.


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