There is a Treasure Amusement Park in Kansai, Japan

  • Ricardo Abla
  • 20 Nov
There is a Treasure Amusement Park in Kansai, Japan

Speaking of amusement parks in the Kansai region of Japan, many people may think of Universal Studios in Osaka. It is indeed full of tourists in recent years. However, if you want to avoid the crowds to experience a different amusement park, Suzuka Circuit Amusement Park is definitely the first choice.

Suzuka Circuit Amusement Park is an affiliated amusement park of Suzuka Circuit. Suzuka Circuit hosts many international and domestic events, such as the F1 Japan Grand Prix, the 8-Hour Endurance Road Championship, and the Suzuka 10-Hour Endurance Race.

Suzuka Circuit is Japan's first international circuit, born in 1962. Today, about 2 million people come to the Suzuka Circuit to check in every year, half of which are for the Suzuka Circuit Amusement Park. It is currently one of the preferred amusement parks for many Japanese parents.

The Suzuka Circuit Amusement Park is a "mobile theme park". The biggest feature that distinguishes it from other amusement parks is "autonomous operation". There is no such experience in many other amusement parks. Most entertainment facilities place you on a fixed seat, and the rest is controlled by the machine. There are more than 30 entertainment facilities in the Suzuka Circuit Amusement Park, including motorcycles and cars that children can drive. These facilities need to be operated and driven by yourself, instead of letting you sit and play.

Among the more than 30 entertainment facilities, the Circuit Challenger is the first one. It allows visitors to drive karts on the Suzuka International Circuit where F1 is actually held. Both adults and children can drive karts on the racing track with a wide view. Parents can let their children get started driving. Or be driven by the parents and let the children observe the experience.

The Circuit Challenger project allows children over 11 to drive alone. Children aged 9 to 10 can drive with an accompanying person over 13 years old.

Before the official driving, the staff will play an introduction video for parents and children. But after you get in the kart, there will be staff members who will explain the operation again. There are also Japanese, Chinese, and English operating instructions in the kart. It will tell you how to better control the kart according to the terrain while driving.

Next, after driving into the track by yourself in order, you can experience the feeling of driving on the track for yourself. Acceleration, deceleration, turning, overtaking, etc. can all be operated by yourself. Detailed operations such as slowing down on curves will eventually be reflected on the score sheet. After driving back smoothly, you can take your driving card and insert it into the scoring machine to check your score. The machine will give scores based on several operational aspects of personal driving.

Because this project is a popular item in the amusement park, you need to make an appointment in advance. Those who want to experience can make an appointment on the official website of Suzuka Circuit.

As a racing theme amusement park, visitors can experience various motorsports in the Racing Theater. As soon as you enter the door, you can first see the helmets of many racing athletes displayed on the whole wall. You can see these racing cars and motorcycles of the past generations that you can only see on TV. There is also a wind speed experience hall in the Racing Theater, which allows you to feel the super high wind speed when driving a motorcycle.

Many cars and motorcycles in the Suzuka Circuit Amusement Park have scored. This is both a learning and a challenge for children. Children can receive their own grade cards and certification certificates, which is an encouragement for children.

Although it is an entertainment project for children to operate by themselves, the Suzuka Circuit Amusement Park also considers the safety very well. The map of the amusement park not only identifies the location of each entertainment facility but also identifies the age or height of the children who can participate in the project.

Like the Pala-Sailor aerial swing, children over 5 years old can ride alone. Those over 3 years old can experience together as long as they have an accompanying person over 13 years old. Because it is an amusement project for children, the aerial swing will not go too high.

There are many types of motorcycle entertainment. What you can experience is the different skills of motorcycle driving. An amusement project like Kid's Bike is designed to allow children to learn how to drive a motorcycle in a dedicated practice range. The motorcycle used here is a special vehicle that children can easily operate. The pavement is also soft. This amusement project allows children to gradually learn to drive motorcycles during practice, and gives them a sense of reality and accomplishment of "I can ride!"

Acro Bike is a higher-level motorcycle driving, requiring children over 9 years old or children over 5 years old who have been trained by Kid's Bike and have obtained an A-level driving license in the amusement park. Acro Bike challenges a three-dimensional cross-country route with the goal of passing obstacles, single bridges, and other difficult routes.

Other recreational facilities also have some clever designs. Like Bun Bun Bee, it seems to be just an ordinary ride-type facility. But there is a camera at the flower, and the child can operate the height up and down by himself. The same height as the orange flower means "the nectar is picked", and three lights will light up. At the same time, children can pose and take pictures when they pass by the flowers. After the game, you can see your own photos in the small room at the exit. You can buy it if your child likes it.

Sometimes on weekends, various activities held in the amusement park are also caught. It seems that the staff and the mascot are singing and dancing together to liven up the atmosphere, but in fact, in the process, children will be taught to recognize various traffic signs. Children can also learn traffic knowledge while playing.

In addition to various entertainment facilities, the amusement park also has a variety of special theme restaurants. Tourists who are tired or hungry can choose their favorite food. For example, Bun Bun Pancake Shop is a bee-themed restaurant that specializes in desserts. Its staple food is also very rich. Whether it's fried rice, fried shrimp, desserts, or drinks, this restaurant is exquisite and cute. These foods are both delicious and nutritious. It is also a great experience for tourists to take pictures as a souvenir.

Suzuka Circuit Amusement Park can be regarded as a one-stop leisure resort. So in addition to the amusement park, the supporting hotel is also very distinctive, especially the racing theme room. The ordinary racing themed room is called the racing room. There are a total of 4 beds in the room, which can accommodate up to 5 people, which is very suitable for a family.

The racing room is a special room in the Suzuka Circuit Hotel. In addition to the layout of the room resembling a racing circuit, the bedside is also designed with racing lights and dashboard. In addition, there are cabinets shaped like toolboxes in the room, as well as special seats made from real racing chairs modeled in cooperation with the German car seat brand RECARO. Really do every detail to make you feel the charm of racing.

In addition, the hotel at the Deer Circuit also has supporting hot springs. The hotel's hot spring is a natural hot spring gushing out of the Suzuka Circuit. There are spacious public baths and open-air baths where you can enjoy the scenery of the four seasons, which is not inferior to other hot spring hotels.

After listening to our introduction, do you think this amusement park is particularly good? If so, then bring your children to experience the colorful entertainment facilities and comfortable characteristic hotels!


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