Northern Europe OULU, a Finnish Territory Near the Arctic

  • Sean Longfellow
  • 27 Oct

Geographical change means many changes

Going to Finland is the same trip as Russia. In May, the temperature is the same as the Russian heat. The square is hot, people are standing in the fountain, and there are countless people on the lawn. In addition, Russian girls are very open. My belly and low-waisted trousers frequently came into my eyes. Every day when I go back to my residence, I take a big shower and wash my clothes again. Turned around and flew to Finland, knowing that I was going to change the temperature, leaving the heat.

The future at this moment is Northern Europe

Speaking of Northern Europe, people feel mysterious and longing for a completely different country, almost a paradise in a dream or postcard, with a life that we can't reach. On Finnair, there is a clean and gentle Nordic aunt as a flight attendant. She is tall, fair, spiritual, and quiet, and she makes people feel the temperament of Northern Europe. After transferring, I soon settled down in this Nordic country and arrived at OULU, a small city that few people know about.

The sun of OULU

The north latitude of OULU is very close to the Arctic Circle. In Russia at this time, the sun will not set until 8 or 9 o'clock, and here, it is almost no longer possible to set. Throughout the night, the dense curtains of the hotel were used to cover the aftermath of the sun and get a good night's sleep. When I couldn't fall asleep, I stared at the light through the cracks, hoping to witness the whereabouts of the sun. Every time I fail, 1 o'clock does not disappear, or I go to bed first.

See the scenery of OULU town

The small town is square and square, and all the buildings are arranged in order. The tallest buildings are shopping malls and churches, which are still not so tall. After crossing and vertical crossing, I can identify the direction here, know the city hall, know the church, and recognize a few small restaurants. OULU is just the season when everything has recovered. What this north country shows at this moment is his charming blue sky, charming trees, peaceful air, and morning jogger. I have put on a sweater to feel the freshness.

For the tranquility and refreshing that OULU blows on your face, you have to open every tiny pore on your body to feel it. The sun was so bright that it didn't seem to be filtered, but the breeze came slowly, facing the sea (OULU is located at the bay corner of the northern edge of the Baltic Sea). When the bridge erected the island in front, I knew that it would be a beautiful journey. On a seaside close to the Arctic Circle in Northern Europe, everything is beautiful, and it is no longer the same as before. The wind is different, the water is different, and the sound of the air around you is also different. How can the language clarify these contents? No, "The shadow of the coconut trees, the clear water and the young sand, the blue sky and white clouds" McDull's description of the Maldives is fascinating, but I only think of "refreshing" these two words.

Walking along the road, the trees lined up, leading to the wrong territory where the huts are located. If you don’t live in Snow White and the seven dwarfs, who else can live here? The house is made of wood. We would draw in that kind of drawing class. The shape is painted and painted in different colors. It is sitting on the grass. There is no fence. There are trees and seawater in front of the grass in front of the door. Yes, it is a quiet painting. I can never imagine that I am the character in this painting. Isn't it the result of Alice in Wonderland?

People in OULU Town

No, I am not alone in the painting. If anyone is in the early morning, it is also such a figure, wearing windproof sportswear, a hat, or jogging, or pulleys, or bicycles, quietly passing a character landscape. There have never been a lot of people walking by your side, there is never a bustling crowd, nature here, let you have it with open arms.

OULU joy of life

After staying for a few days, I have some perceptions of people's life in OULU. When I arrive at OULU, it is the weekend. Life in Europe seems to stop at the weekend, regardless of whether the shops, banks, wine merchants are open. While I am savoring the rewards of nature, some people are also "fascinated" because there is no liquor. There is no way. The only liquor store in the city is not open on weekends. It is sold at night bars. How can't we wait? When it comes to Chinese restaurants, I have to say that with the great power of Chinese cuisine and the pioneering spirit of the Chinese people, there are at least three Chinese restaurants in the small OULU city. A small cup of VODKA is 10 euros, oh, damned. Alcohol is also available in the supermarket, but it is limited to beer, and all spirits are specialized.

Slowly, I realized why the locals prefer quiet and time-consuming hobbies such as hiking, running, making wooden boats, and building wooden houses because their life is simple and there is no smoke (so there is nowhere to smoke indoors). Wine, no lively interpersonal relationships, no busy streets, everything is so easy. So how to spend time is worse than running, better than boating. No matter when, they will not sacrifice their happy time for something and make themselves one head or two big.

Owner of OULU

It is a worthwhile trip that we drove to his island with a local friend! Yes, it is his island, his! What is the island? What is the island owner? Yes, now he is the island owner I admire! ! When we arrived at a lake or river, we got out of the car and tied a small boat with a paddle to the shore. After getting on the boat, the island owner started the motor. In the rippling of the water, we began to look around. It was the kind of low-density but dense trees that are unique to the North. They grow on the islands by water. Except for the water, it is the island, and then the sky, and then the sun is flickering. I can't describe this journey, all I want to say is that I am willing to do it again.

Coming up to the island, the owner of the island has a small wooden house, which can be called a room and a living room. Hehe, kitchen equipment, coffee, sugar cubes, wooden tables, and chairs covered with plaid cloth, there are not many, too pure and rural. Up. You would think, if this island belongs to mine, it’s fine, if this hut belongs to mine, it’s fine if... because it is so beautiful! Next to the house, there is still unfinished handwork by the island owner, who wants to make another Hut, and a small boat. All the trees on the island belong to him. He collects materials on the spot, so he can come here in his free time. What kind of life is this, unimaginable, but very close. I can't speak, I can only use my eyes to prove the existence of all this. At this moment, you should believe that your dream is realized by someone.

OULU impression of fat police

On the square of the OULU market, there is a very cute statue of a fat policeman, which makes people very happy to see it. I posted it and took a group photo. How many years has this fat policeman guarded this small town?

OULU Impression of OULU University

We briefly visited OULU University, but we didn't expect this university in such a remote town to be very successful. Modern teaching facilities, authentic students, and rigorous professors make people feel very trustworthy and admired. No wonder the science and technology park established not far from the school is so colorful. When I went to apply for a Finnish visa, I read the pamphlet and knew that Finland was also recruiting international students. I was yearning for it at the time. If I had studied here when I was young, what a wonderful experience.

The difference between OULU

As a small Nordic city, it is destined to be too different from the place where I live, and the natural scenery is different, no need to say more. There are few people on the street, and it is a scene that Beijing can't do if it is divided into ten. When a car stopped at an intersection, maybe no car passed by, it was because he was waiting for a red light to end.

Yes, this is not the place where I live, I have felt many differences. I like the clear light, the refreshing sea breeze, the simple and peaceful life, the island and the trees on the island, the humble Nordic people, the smoke-free city, and the scenery around me when I run. Three days later, I also missed my lively life. Yes, I have become accustomed to not having one or two people around me. I have become accustomed to the hustle and bustle every day. I have adapted to Dunya where there are people to watch. I just want to be a little quieter and fewer people. The show is OK. Many, but don't be too messy. I think there are restless cells in my bones, and I still have to survive and digest in the soil of my country. I was extremely amazed by the innocent style of Northern Europe, but I also wanted to stay in my country, a land with complex emotions.


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