My Impression of South Korea's Red-light District

  • Ricardo Abla
  • 29 Oct

By chance, I went to Korea once. The first feeling was that it was small and pitiful. It can hardly be called a country, but at most it is a small island. The capital Seoul (previously known as Seoul) is still like a big city, with good travel and shopping, transportation, and climate, especially the developed city subway, which extends in all directions. Moreover, all the station names are marked in Chinese, English, and Japanese, and each car has a subway map, which is very clear. Even if it is the first time in Seoul, I can't speak Korean or get lost.

The freshest is South Korea's red-light district. Although it is not in the downtown area, it is very developed. They are all bungalows connected one by one. There are hundreds of houses. In each house, there are several beautifully dressed young girls waiting for customers to choose. If you walk past one by one, it will give you the feeling that you are shopping in the mall, and the shop windows in front of you are the products. As long as you have money and are willing to spend here, you can choose what you need.

The South Korean government maintains a neutral attitude towards this type of industry. The sex industry can develop freely, but practitioners have to pay heavier taxes. (No wonder there was a parade of sex industry practitioners in the past few years) I heard from the tour guide that it also includes strip dance performances, plus the service fee for each person is more than 100,000 won, which is quite expensive, but because South Korea has a developed economy, The income is relatively high, so it is nothing to the residents of their country.

The owner of the hostel is a good old man, very humorous, and he took us to the red light district at night. At night, the whole street is completely different. I saw that the whole street was brightly lit, and all the young ladies were ready to pick up the guests. When they saw someone walking by the door, they shouted hello and made loud noises, and some even seduce the guests in an impatient manner. Every time the timid saw such a formation, he was scared and scared away. Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is the political, economic, cultural, and educational center of South Korea, as well as the nation's land, sea, and air transportation hub. Located in the central part of the Korean Peninsula, in a basin, the Han River loops through the city, about 30 kilometers from the west coast of the peninsula, about 185 kilometers from the east coast, and about 260 kilometers from Pyongyang to the north.

Seoul is the capital of South Korea, with a population of approximately 12 million and an area of 627 square kilometers. Seoul is the 10th largest city in the world, where the past and the present coexist in a wonderful way. Vigorous crowds, bustling, and noisy cities, charming natural landscapes, and a long history and culture. Vibrant Seoul presents exciting sights everywhere. Whether it is roaming around the elegant and splendid Forbidden City ruins, or resting in the embrace of nature, the whole journey will leave visitors with a vivid impression and novel feelings. There is row upon row of skyscrapers located in the city center, and high-end apartments on both sides of the Han River are dotted with modern urban scenes.

Seoul is also the cultural and educational center of Korea, with 34 colleges and universities including Seoul University and Korea University. Seoul has Sankang Mountain, Gwanak Mountain, Inwang Mountain, Gyeongbokgung Palace, Deoksugung Palace, Changdeokgung Palace, and more than 420 temples. In the dense shade of the urban area, ancient palaces and temples, as well as modern buildings straight into the sky, reflect each other, showing Seoul's ancient and modern history and era.

In South Korea, except for the large markets and event venues during the day, it seems fairly calm. When night fell, it seemed that the darkness poured a kind of magic into Seoul (the capital of South Korea). In order to welcome the darkness, the prosperous area has already turned on the neon lights of welcome shouts and sang along with the footsteps of the flowing crowd. If you are lucky enough to take a flight to see the night view of Seoul at night, it will make you feel dark and full of charm.

Colorful nightlife, South Korea's nightlife is colorful, whether it is traditional Korean taverns, exotic restaurants, cafes, European-style outdoor beer halls, clubs, discos, etc., are flooded in major cities, even hotels where you stay. , You can also discover many restaurants with unique flavors to satisfy foreign tourists visiting here and experience Seoul's splendid nightlife, but the most fascinating place for foreign tourists in South Korea's red-light district.

Usually, in the bustling city of Seoul, you might never think of the connection between Seoul and the red light district. The red light district in Seoul is very developed although it is not in the downtown area. All of them are bungalows. There are hundreds of houses connected one by one. In each house, there are a few beautifully dressed young girls waiting for guests to choose. It feels like visiting a mall. There are items in the window, as long as you have money, you can choose what you need.

The South Korean government maintains a neutral attitude towards this kind of industry. The sex industry can develop freely, but it has to pay taxes. Generally, it includes strip dance performances, and the service fee for each person is more than 100,000 won, which is quite expensive. Because South Korea has a developed economy and relatively high income, it is actually nothing to them. South Korea’s red-light districts mainly include the following places, such as Cheongnyangni 588, Miiro, Texas, and so on. It is said that the Agassi (Korean, maiden) in Cheongnyangni are especially famous for their beauty, good figure, and excellent service.

Seoul originally had many red-light districts, these places were left behind when Japan occupied Korea. Later, American soldiers marched into the Korean peninsula. Because these soldiers were all alone outside and the holidays were short, they often visited these places, and the locals wanted to cater and develop their own economy. The places have also increased. At that time, South Korea was really "prosperous."

Simple decoration Seoul's red-light district is located in Seoul’s old train station, which is also the densest place in the city. It is usually the place where the inferior people live, similar to Port Lan Street in Hong Kong. The red-light district of Seoul is actually nothing special: compact facade rooms on both sides, brightly lit, each room has a bench and a small stove for heating. Each room has a back door leading to a small room! There is usually only one bed in the room. When walking in the red light district, outsiders should pay attention not to lean on the side of the road, but to walk in the middle of the road. It is said that some Agassi often snatches pedestrian items such as glasses, purses, etc., of course, it is not really snatched, but the snatched person has to obediently follow the lady into the room, and then the next thing to do is the same. It's clear.

All the young ladies here must have job certificates, and they have to undergo medical examinations at every stage. If it fails, you can't continue working here. This is also the government's responsible action for the customers who come here to consume. The price in the red light district is 70,000 won and 80,000 for credit cards. If you have other interests, you can ask for it and add some tips, you can also see "sex shows" (that is, striptease and the like). Entering inside, the waiter will give everyone a bottle of beer, right?

Bored Agassi, the Agassi, no matter what the weather in Seoul, they only wore thin tights and nestled by the fire. The girls here are all very beautiful, and they are also very tall and tall, but their eyes are all black holes, and their eyes are a little dull and dull. Seeing someone coming, the Agassis stood at the door, staring at passers-by, holding coins in their hands, knocking on the glass, and gurgling Korean in their mouths, just to let you in.

Even if it is not in the red light district, most high-end hotels in South Korea provide pornographic services. It is very popular to drink "cannonball wine" (a glass of beer, and then throw a small glass of foreign wine into it, you must drink it). Even people who drink well will sway after three cups. And it will increase your courage dozens of times. This kind of hotel has higher consumption, mainly for foreign wine, and higher expenses for paying Agassi. (A bottle of foreign wine is 150,000 won to 200,000, the lady tip is 80,000, and the opening is 200,000.) The Russian Agassi in South Korea is very popular, and the price is similar to the Agassi in South Korea. Going to such a place is easy to be slaughtered. If you go alone, you may even have spent all the travel expenses in the past. With feasting, Korean men have to pay off their credit card overdrafts every month.


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