Enjoy Shopping in the Tallest Building in Osaka, Japan

  • Ricardo Abla
  • 29 Oct

I have lived in Osaka for a while, and I have always wanted to share interesting facts about my stay in Osaka. However, I have never seriously recommended a shopping destination in Osaka. Today, I am finally ready to recommend a super department store for everyone!

This department store is called Kintetsu Department Store Haikuo Sky Main Store. It is located in Tennoji and is the highest-end department store in the Tennoji area of Osaka. It seems to be the only large department store in the area.

The location of this department store is particularly easy to find. Take a car to Tennoji Station, no matter which exit you go out from, you only need to find the tallest building! It is not only the tallest building in Tennoji but also the tallest building in Japan!

Kintetsu Department Store Haikuo Sky Main Store, a department store that will make you linger and unforgettable!

Let me first talk about the basic situation of the Kintetsu Department Store Haikuotian Main Store. The Kintetsu Department Store Haikusky Main Store is divided into two areas: Wing Hall and Tower Hall, which is equivalent to the difference between the old and new buildings.

Next, let's introduce its floor distribution. The B1-B2 floors are Abeno Food Street. From fresh food to dessert snacks, from Western desserts to Japanese pastries, everything! In addition, the main exit of the B1 floor is the subway entrance, which is very convenient.

The first floor is selling international boutiques and jewelry products. You can find international brands such as LV, GUCCI, FENDY, MIUMIU, Issey Miyake, and popular jewelry brands such as Jouete, agete, ete bijoux, etc. on the first floor!

Starting from the second floor, the difference between the Tower Pavilion and the Wing Pavilion comes out! These two pavilions are connected to each other, so be careful not to get lost.

The second floor of the tower is the cosmetics area. CBP, Shu Uemura, MARK, Olbin, ReFa, Shiseido, IPSA, and other well-known brands are all available in one go!

The second floor of the Wing Hall sells shoes, bags, cosmetics, and women's clothing products. In addition, there are often small events at the connecting passage between the tower hall and the wing hall on the 2nd floor, musical instrument performances, and folk art to enrich your shopping experience!

The slightly more complicated part is coming soon, please take out a small notebook or prepare a screenshot.

The 3rd to 5th floors of the tower are the women's clothing area. Sophisticated, intellectual, and cute, there are various styles of fashionable women's clothing here, which will satisfy you all! Don't worry if you are tired of shopping, there is no place to rest. There are some very exquisite coffee and dessert shops waiting for your visit.

The 6th to 7th floors of the Tower Hall sell fine menswear and custom suits. The 8th floor specializes in baby products, children's clothing, and maternity products. The 9th floor is the household goods area (kitchenware, tableware). Furniture and household goods are sold on the 10th floor. The 11th floor is the jewelry, watch, kimono, arts, and crafts area (expensive).

The third floor of the Wing Hall is a children's playground. On the 3.5th floor is the Overseas VIP Salon (Tax Refund Office), as well as National Drug Store and EDION. The 4th to 5th floors are venues for women's clothing and small events. Conan’s limited items are sold here every year. The sixth floor is the sports goods area. The seventh floor is a bookstore. The 8th floor is a special area for children's products. MIKI HOUSE TOWN is here. The 9th floor is the main venue for holding large-scale events.

When you see this, everyone will definitely think, where is the food area that general department stores have?

The 12th to 14th floors of the Tower Building is the gourmet area of ​​the Kintetsu Department Store Haikusky Main Store! There is an "Osaka Street" hidden inside ~ "Tong" means avenue in Japanese, "Osaka Avenue", how many gourmet restaurants does this have to accommodate Oh!

Is it necessary to arrange such a large department store with everything you need right away! A dazzling array of products can satisfy any shopping desires! Coupled with the convenience of one-stop food and drink, you can start a new round of shopping with just a little rest!

By the way, there is one more thing that must be mentioned: Kintetsu Department Store Haikuo Sky Headquarters has an overseas VIP salon that surpasses all department stores in Osaka.

This is not only a tax rebate center, but also an overseas tourist service center that integrates translation, luggage storage, and travel consultation! Every time I come here, I will sigh the level of service and slowly enjoy the pleasure brought by this place. . Also, the mini sandwich model of the Haikuotian Building displayed at the exit made me amazed. The handmade food model is simply not too tempting!


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