BIG STEP, a Year-end Trendy Destination in Osaka, Japan

  • Ricardo Abla
  • 30 Oct

When it comes to travel at the end of the year, many people are already eager to try. Have you found your favorite destination? The editor I would like to recommend to everyone here in Osaka, Japan! Osaka is the second-largest city in Japan and has many fashionable shopping spots and historical sites. Friends who love shopping can go to the famous Shinsaibashi shopping street. If you want to check in the historical sites, there are also Tenshukaku, Shitennoji, Tsutenkaku Tower, etc. Osaka is a tolerant and open city, where everyone can find their favorite place.

When it comes to shopping, Shinsaibashi Shopping Street is second to none! Among them, the BIG STEP shopping mall, where young trends gather, is a must-see for fashionistas! There are many clothing stores, shoe stores, jewelry stores, record stores, galleries, movie theaters, and A variety of restaurants, etc., which can be called a shopping paradise. So, what are the worthy brands in BIG STEP, and what are the unique highlights? Come and take a look at me!

Buyer's shop

Japanese buyers and vintage shops can always find styles that are not available elsewhere. BIG STEP has a collection of many well-known vintage and vintage shops. Even if there is no purchase plan, it is worth taking a look!

1. LOVELESS. LOVELESS is a well-known boutique, which brings together clothing from many international creative brands. You can experience all kinds of international front-end trends in a small shop! LOVELESS also makes its own exclusive brand and uses clothing to convey a unique fashion attitude.

2. KINJI. At KINJI, you can find a wide range of vintage products, including clothing, jewelry, and decorations! When we re-match those clothes with a sense of age with contemporary aesthetics, we can define our own style!

3. MIHO MATSUDA (ladies fashion). MIHO MATSUDA is a European style clothing brand loved by many girls. It is elegant and not sweet, and hand-stitched to add charm! Whether you are going out on the street or participating in important occasions, wearing such clothing can make people shine.

In addition, there is also a collection of international big names Armani, trendy clothing VANQUISH, etc., all kinds of clothing styles are available, I believe you will not be disappointed!

Anime, music

1. CAPSUL TOY SHOP. This is the true love of anime lovers. It has more than 100 types of gashapon machines, and it is also one of the most popular attractions in Osaka! Not only children, but adults can also enjoy unprecedented pleasure in the super full lineup!

2. THE SILVER BALL PLANET. There are more than 100 pinball machines here, with the themes of American movies and comics. Shrek, the Lord of the Rings, and Marvel heroes can all be found here!

3. KING KONG Record Store. This record store "KING KONG", which opened in 1979, brings together various genres of music, videos, magazines, and Japanese/Western music. It also sells second-hand records, CDs and other music products. Music lovers must not miss it.

There is another place that is also worth checking in, and that is the bathroom of BIG STEP. Haha, are you a little surprised? However, the super lineup of this bathroom is really unforgettable! In addition to the regular restrooms, there are women's powder rooms, children-only toilets, and parent-child spaces next to it!

I have to say, BIG STEP is really a shopping mall with many surprises. In addition to fashionistas' favorite trendy clothing, gashapon shops, music shops, jewelry shops, etc., there are also various restaurants where you can eat authentic Indian curry, Thai food, Cantonese food, etc. For fitness professionals, you can also find professional gyms here to relieve the fatigue of the day by running, doing yoga, and other sports.

For those who love shopping, such a powerful shopping mall is really exciting! During the Spring Festival, BIG STEP will also participate in activities to get vouchers.


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