A Trip to Denmark, Looking for Fairy Tales in Midsummer

  • Sean Longfellow
  • 28 Oct

Speaking of Denmark, it is estimated that 99% of people first think of Andersen and his fairy tales that have grown up with generations, such as the beautiful and kind little mermaid, the ugly duckling that turns into a swan, the little match girl, and Thumbelina. People are often attracted by the innocence, fantasy, and fantasy-filled plot inside. At the same time, the young mind also learned sympathy and compassion from these stories.

Denmark is a very casual country. This small Nordic country has been voted "the happiest country in the world" many times. People here are comfortable, leisure, and enjoy life to the full. Every year, more than 500,000 tourists experience the Copenhagen Canal Tour, experiencing this beautiful, idyllic canal and unique church architecture. There are also cruise ships and yachts coming and going. Along the way, you can also see the famous Little Mermaid sculpture, Amalienborg Palace, Holmen Island, Royal Library, Christiansborg Palace, etc. People travel between old and new Copenhagen, listening to legendary stories about the royal family, war, and adventure.

Copenhagen has a mild climate, with a maximum temperature of 30 degrees Celsius and a minimum temperature of minus 20 degrees. It is an excellent place to escape the heat in summer. The Danes are famous for their love of cycling. In Denmark, people of all ages and men love to ride bicycles.

It’s a must to go to “Legoland” in Denmark, especially for those with children. This so-called “big world made of small building blocks” is a miniature world built with 44.5 million Lego blocks, such as architecture and rafting. The project, an amusement park that combines miniature world display and theme amusement parks, where small people, animals, cars and ships, high-rise buildings, palaces, and churches are all made up of pieces of Lego that we are most familiar with and have been playing since childhood. Built of building blocks, the design architects give full play to their imagination, and every place is amazing and exciting!

Tasting food in Denmark is an extreme sensory enjoyment. Denmark is rich in seafood, and most of the cuisines are made with seafood as raw materials. The Danish people pay attention to the fragrant and crispy dishes. They love to make a variety of dishes and sandwiches that will touch your taste. The delicious Danish pastry is Denmark's most famous dessert. Danish pastries have an attractive fragrance. Take a bite, crisp and refreshing. Danish beer has a history of more than 130 years. It has high output, good quality, and a wide variety of colors. The most reputable one is "Carlsberg", which has a transparent texture and a pure taste. There are countless Danish delicacies. These delicacies will surely make visitors feel different and exotic while feasting.

Sitting in a bar near the river in Copenhagen, serving a glass of golden Carlsberg beer, breathed into the lungs is the air with the smell of grass, the mood will instantly relax.

Danish silverware is also very famous in the world, and here are the best silverware designers in the world. Danish amber is also world-famous. The amber that has been sleeping for tens of millions of years has been hand polished and turned into a unique and peerless product. Look at the most expensive insect amber. The small insects are bathed in the long and soft luster of the amber, Still showing the tension of life. Tourists can buy these exotic souvenirs in the airport duty-free shops.

Traveling to Denmark can take a SAS flight directly to Copenhagen's international airport. Comfort, openness, simplicity, and consideration are the service concepts that SAS has always pursued, and this concept is reflected in every detail: from the beautifully designed menu to the casual and comfortable business class buffet area, from the beautiful flight attendants to the colorful The on-board entertainment facilities, the comfortable and spacious backrest seats, and the restrooms with a view of the scenery...Every bit reflects the unique hospitality of the Nordic people. Is it already in your heart? So don't hesitate, let's embark on a journey to find fairy tales together.


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