The Swiss can ski, settle accounts, make watches, and make cheese. But they also have wonderful scenery to enjoy, like picturesque grasslands, majestic snow-capped mountains, clear lakes, etc. Breathtaking scenery. There are also distinctive activities that make visitors linger. Hundreds of music festivals are held every year, including rock music, reggae music, classical music, and chorus.


Paris and Lyon can easily capture people who like city life. Provence and the Côte d'Azur are artistic paradises. Nimes and Arles carry the historical relics of ancient Rome. France has 30 world heritage sites. Where do you start your journey in France? You can choose the classic route, such as from Paris to Provence, and enjoy the old-fashioned romantic journey. You can also drive directly to Marseille in the Mediterranean from Calais along the Atlantic coast. Those who like the outdoors can also travel from the Alps to the Pyrenees. Those who are adventurous can stroll from the Catacombs in Paris to the end of Compiègne. No matter how you plan your itinerary, France is worth a visit.

 United Kingdom

When talking about Britain, we often think of the fog and bells of London, famous universities such as Oxford and Cambridge, and the polite but indifferent English gentleman. These are typical images of England. The word Britannic comes from the ancient Celtic language and means "colorful". Indeed, the bleak wasteland of Scotland, the blue waters of Cornwall, the peaceful countryside of Wales, and the noisy nightlife of Manchester all coexist in this island country, creating a colorful picture.


The Pyrenees blocked the cold air from the south of the European continent and created a completely different Spain, which is public, warm, and joyful. Spain is the country with the most cultural heritage in the world. Islam, Judaism, and Catholicism ruled this land successively, and they all left a splendid culture. From the Alhambra Palace to the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia, Spain interprets "perfection" with architectural miracles one after another. From Picasso Dali, the inspiration of genius swayed freely in the Spanish sun. Spain, like her most famous knight Don Quixote, embraces romantic fantasy in the real world and sticks to the traditional spirit in the wave of modernization.


The unique geographical location has created a prosperous European gateway. In the blooming season of tulips, there is the most beautiful spring in Europe. The outstanding artists of the golden age have accumulated rich culture and history here. The industrious and brave people built dams and fought the sea for generations. Free, democratic, and open policies have made the people here extremely happy. Orange Holland is waiting for you. Whether it is riding a bicycle to embrace nature, sitting in the bow of the canal, or strolling along the beautiful coastline, visitors will find reasons not to miss the Netherlands.


The prestigious ancient Roman Empire, Pompeii, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Florence, Venice, the ancient Roman arena, crazy football matches, Milan's stylish atmosphere, and extremely attractive men and women have all become unique cities in Italy style. There are beautiful natural scenery, splendid history and culture, and it has always been a dream place for travelers.


If you want to take your beloved to the ends of the earth and feel the kind of shock, you must go to the majestic cape. There are hundreds of feet of cliffs, turbulent waves hitting the shore, vast oceans, strong winds, and lonely lighthouses. This place is in Portugal.


Germany, which has always given the impression of rigor and toughness, also has its own tenderness. German music is world-famous. The musical talents and achievements of Bach and Beethoven are unparalleled. This place also gave birth to talented winemakers. It is home to small sausages and beer halls. German wines and beers are very aromatic and intoxicating. Take a glass of beer and experience this serious, warm, beautiful, and green country!


In the far north, there is such a small island at the end of the continent. The island is densely covered with volcanoes, but it does not make people feel a bit hot. Covered by glaciers all year-round, it still gave birth to countless creatures. From peaceful lakes to rushing waterfalls, from frozen fjords to deep jungles, from bare rock to rough seas, from the sun that never sets at midnight to the gorgeous aurora in the eternal night, almost everything nature can exist here. Icelanders enjoy the treasures given to them by the heavens and also abide by the ancient laws of nature. They use pure energy to create a brilliant culture. In requesting resources, we also live in harmony with nature and other creatures. Perhaps this is the ideal model of coexistence between man and nature.


Close your eyes and think about Greece. What do you think of it? Is it the colorful colors of the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea? Or the stretch of picturesque beaches beside the spectacular coastline? It is the thousands of islands waiting for you to explore by boat or diving, or the colorful spring flowers on the rolling hills and green meadows covered with the dense forest? Close your eyes and think about Greece. These pictures may appear in your mind. But your imagination can only take you here. Welcome to Greece, where your beautiful images will become a reality.


The majestic Alps are a paradise for mountain climbing in summer and skiing in winter. The dotted lakes and lush river valleys are good places to relax and engage in various water sports. The magnificent palaces, majestic churches, and castles record the splendor of Austrian history. The musical traditions, prestigious orchestras, operas and concert halls here all give people artistic enjoyment. World-renowned musicians have written brilliant movements here. Austria, located in the heart of Europe, can meet all your imagines for your European trip!


In the hearts of the people, Denmark has a well-known title, "Fairytale Kingdom". The reason why tourists from all over the world are so obsessed with it is that no matter where you go, you can feel the atmosphere and landscape of fairy tales. Andersen's fairy tales connect Denmark with the world. Together with its long and glorious history, and ancient & luxurious buildings, it is famous in every corner of the world. Almost everyone's childhood is accompanied by the evening singing of "Mermaid Princess" and the dreams in the fire of "Little Match Girl". Today, the bronze statue of the Mermaid in Copenhagen has become a symbol of Denmark.