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Victoria Falls, the Most Dangerous Swimming Pool in the World

  • Jim Sandford
  • 17 Sep
Victoria Falls, the Most Dangerous Swimming Pool in the World

Victoria Falls is regarded as the most dangerous swimming pool in the world. The gorge where Victoria Falls is located is a rare natural moat in the world.

Zambezi River, the fourth-largest river in Africa, flows here. Suddenly turning over on a cliff about 1,800 meters wide, water fell into a gorge about 110 meters deep, which seems to roll up a thousand piles of snow and ten thousand heavy fog. You will see snow waves tumbling, turbulent raging, thunderous roaring. The splashing white mist hovered in the air like white clouds and light smoke. Loud noises and flying fog can be as far as 15 kilometers. The locals call it "Mosi Atonia Waterfall", which means "Rain and Fog of Thunder".

The tortuous high gorge of Victoria Falls and the rapid flow of huge waterfalls constitute an exceptionally beautiful natural scenery. The first gorge poured by the waterfall is on the east side of its south wall, and there is a gorge running north-south. It cuts the south wall into east and west sections. The canyon is only more than 60 meters wide. The huge current of the entire Zambezi River rolls and rushes out of this gorge. The water vapor of the waterfall soars up to more than 300 meters high, making the area covered with water mist. If it's the rainy season, the water will condense into torrential rain, and people will stand here and get soaked in less than a few minutes.

From September to October every year, brave swimmers from all over the world come to Victoria Falls, which is on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. They swim in this "devil's pool" which is known as the most dangerous swimming pool in the world. Some people come here to try their guts. Some people will lie on the edge of the pool and feel the excitement of the waterfall flying down 100 meters.

Victoria Falls is named "Devil's Pool" because it is located at the top of the 110-meter-high Victoria Falls. The local name of Victoria Falls is "Mosi Otunia", which means "roaring smoke". It was first discovered by Scottish missionaries and some explorers in 1855. The water for this waterfall comes from the Zambezi River. When the river is full, the amount of water flowing through every second is as high as 7,500 cubic meters. The raging river rushed towards the cliff and formed the Victoria Falls with splashes of water. Even at 40 kilometers away, you can see cloud-like water mist.

"Devil's Pool" is a naturally formed rock pool. It is said that the Klulu people who once lived near the waterfall never dared to approach it. The neighboring Tonga tribe even regarded it as a fetish. Regarding the rainbow as the incarnation of the gods, they often held black bull slaughter ceremonies in the east of the waterfall close to the sun to worship the gods.

This waterfall is dangerous but it attracts brave people and tourists from all over the world. It is said that only during the dry season from September to October each year, the water in the swimming pool is relatively small and relatively calm, and it will not flow down the waterfall along the rock wall. In the flood season from March to May each year, the water flow is 15 times that of the dry season. Therefore, the brave must jump into the pool to swim in the dry season. When the azure blue water is quiet, no one knows that it is a "devil". Only the floating corpses in exile downstream of the waterfall warned people. It seems to say that "come to me, and drown you".

Even so, brave challengers came to Victoria Falls in an endless stream. They splashed in the pool, held a camera on the edge of the pool to take pictures, or lay down on the edge to make flying movements. The more courageous father hugged his son who has only a few baby teeth and looked down the cliff. "It looks dangerous, but it's actually quite safe." This is the personal experience of most swimmers.

"You stand on the edge of the waterfall, watching the waterfall cascade down, making a thunderous roar. You can't hear your own voice no matter how you yell. Your adrenaline surges in your body, and you seem to experience it. It feels like death is approaching." David Ron recalled how he felt in the "Devil's Pool". He said that although the water in the pool is very cool when you really swim, your body will tremble due to excessive excitement. This is quite deadly for swimming in such a dangerous zone. Only then will swimmers understand why the travel guide warns people not to eat before swimming here.

Most of the swimmers who come to the "Devil's Pool" are men, whether they are adults or children. I don't know if it is because men like to explore by nature, or because there is a beautiful legend. It is said that a long time ago, under the deep pool of Victoria Falls, there would be a group of beautiful girls appearing every day. They will beat the golden drums unique to Africa day and night. When the sound of the golden drum is heard from underwater, the waterfall will be heard with a thunderous roar. After a while, the girls began to surface. Under the sun's rays, the colorful clothes they wore emitted golden light and reflected in the sky. People can see a beautiful rainbow dozens of kilometers away. Their graceful dances stirred the water in the pool and turned into splashes of clouds and mist in the sky. Now, if a visitor stands on the edge of a cliff opposite the waterfall, the handkerchief in his hand will also be wet by the water splashed from the waterfall.


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