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Must-visit Scenic Spots When Traveling in Finland

  • Mike Hargrove
  • 24 Oct
Must-visit Scenic Spots When Traveling in Finland

1. Lapland

Lapland is located in the northern part of Finland and Norway, and three-quarters of it lie within the Arctic Circle. The unique polar scenery and aboriginal customs make it a tourist attraction. Lapland enters winter in October every year, and spring does not begin until May of the following year. The whole winter is as long as 8 months. Looking around here, almost all forests and rivers. In winter, these are all covered by the white snow, the ice is clear and jade is endless, like a fairyland outside the world. Before and after the winter solstice, people can experience the polar night and see the unquenchable starlight for 24 hours. Around the summer solstice, people can feel the extreme day and see the sun that does not set for 24 hours.

2. Sibelius Park

Sibelius Park is located about 1.5 kilometers northwest of Dembriocchio Church. This park was built to commemorate the great Finnish musician Sibelius. The park is full of flowers and green grass, which is a good place for citizens to relax. The Sibelius Monument is a surreal image of iron pipes, permeated with a strong modern atmosphere.

3. Helsinki Cathedral

Helsinki Cathedral is the most famous architectural complex in Helsinki. The milky white cathedral was built in 1852. Its exquisite structure and extraordinary aura can be regarded as the essence of Finnish architectural art. The pale green arched bell tower is more than 80 meters above the sea level and can be seen from the sea, making it a symbol of Helsinki. In front of the cathedral is the Senate Square, the East and West sides are the Cabinet Building and the University of Helsinki. Not far to the south is the seat of the Presidential Palace, Supreme Court, and City Hall. In the center of the Senate Square, covered with ancient stones, a bronze statue of Tsar Wulishan the Great, built-in 1894, is erected to commemorate the extensive autonomy he granted to Finland.

4. Sibelius Monument

Countless urban sculptures can be seen everywhere on every street in Helsinki. However, what Finns are most proud of is the monument to the famous Finnish composer Sibelius. This monument is surrounded by pine and cypresses in Sibelius Park by the sea. It is composed of more than 600 silver-white stainless steel pipes, resembling a giant pipe organ. It became a symbol of the monumental works of great national musicians. When the sea breeze blows, the air current passes through the steel pipe and makes a high-pitched and sometimes low-pitched wind, as if nature is endlessly playing an eternal movement to commemorate the musician. A huge metalhead of Sibelius is embedded on the red rock beside it, vividly reproducing the heroic image of this great composer. His frown and concentrating, lifelike expressions vividly reflect the expression of the musicians when they were creating. This romantic monument is a masterpiece completed by the famous Finnish sculptor Hiltunen on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of Sibelius' death in 1967. Its small replica was sent to the United Nations Building as a national gift for permanent display.

The famous Finnish composer Silius (1865-1957) has been fighting for the rise of Finnish national music all his life. His creative genres are diverse and the subject matter is extensive, and he embodies a passion for patriotism and a strong national spirit. The unique style full of Nordic sentiment contains the peculiar simplicity and fragrance emanating from nature. He became one of the greatest symphony and symphonic poetry composers in the 20th century with his brilliant talents and outstanding achievements.

Sibelius's works are quite rich, leaving a valuable musical heritage and national wealth to future generations. He has composed more than 100 works in his lifetime, including 7 symphonies, many symphonic poems, 2 operas, as well as violin, piano, organ, brass, chamber music, solo, and chorus. In 1899, he composed the orchestral poem "Ode to Finland" full of patriotism. This immortal work depicts the Finnish people's national sentiments against aggression and oppression, longing for a free life, and yearning for a better life with its magnificent momentum and thrilling melody. It still occupies an important position in the minds of the Finnish people. No matter when and where, whenever Finns hear the majestic and passionate sound of "Ode to Finland", their eyes are always filled with crystal tears. In the era of Czarist Russia, "Ode to Finland" once inspired the people of the whole country to go forward and fight for independence. After independence, this piece of music inspired the Finnish people to fight for their own homeland. The publication of "Ode to Finland" has caused a sensation in European and American countries, and has become a treasure in the world's music treasure house. It has also had a huge impact on the development of Finnish national music culture. Sibelius has made brilliant achievements in his life and became the most famous composer in the history of Finnish music, enjoying the reputation of "Father of Finnish Music". Sibelius and his monumental works will always be the pride and symbol of Finland.

5. Suomenlinna

The "Suomenlinna" fortress is located on an island south of Helsinki and consists of 6 islands. Historically, it was a military fortress with historic sites such as Ming Fort, Secret Fort, Barracks, and Cannons. It is an ancient coastal defense fortress, which controls the sea route from the Gulf of Finland to Helsinki. Its geographical location is very important. The island has preserved past castles, ancient fortresses, barracks, and warehouses, as well as a museum of submarines and artillery used in World War II. The museums, galleries, cafes, and beaches here will make you spend an unforgettable time on the island.

The scenic "Suomenlinna" fortress is one of Finland's important places of interest. It has been recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage for protection and has now become one of Helsinki's important tourist attractions. In summer, ferries frequently travel between the island and the South Pier. It only takes 5 minutes to take the ferry from the south pier in the city center. People often come here to swim, fish, picnic, and sunbathe. In summer, there are not only theater performances, but also various cultural events such as exhibitions and concerts.

The open-air museum on Seura Island has an 18th-century manor, farmhouses, workshops, small shops, churches, bathrooms, mills, etc. here.

6. Turku Castle

Turku's most famous ancient is also Turku Castle and Turku Cathedral leftover from the Middle Ages. Turku Castle and Turku Cathedral are located on the Aura River. Turku Castle is located at the mouth of the lower Aura River. Turku Cathedral is in the upper reaches of the downtown area, facing the ancient castle.

The quaint and majestic castle is made of rocks and has more than ten stories high. The tall exterior wall has no decoration, showing traces of perennial wind and rain erosion. Turku Castle was built in 1280 and is currently one of the best-preserved large castles in Northern Europe. Its construction project lasted nearly 300 years. The castle has been thickened and heightened continuously. In the middle of the 15th century, the New Castle was expanded to form the current scale.

The medieval Turku Castle has always been the most important military fortress for the Kingdom of Sweden to rule Finland. All 14 kings of Sweden used this as their royal palace. However, this ancient castle has also experienced vicissitudes in history. At the beginning of the 17th century, the castle was destroyed by fire and has not been completely restored for a long time. In the 19th century, it was used as a prison. In World War II, the castle was bombed again and was severely damaged. After the war, the local government renovated the ancient castle many times. The most recent large-scale repair work was completed in 1992.

Turku Castle is currently the seat of Turku City Museum and has become an important tourist attraction in Turku. Approximately 200,000 tourists come for sightseeing every year. People come here as if they have returned hundreds of years ago, and they can see all the treasures left by the nobles and the dungeon where the prisoners are held. According to the customs of the time, the staff dressed in medieval costumes to receive tourists from all over the world. On the top floor of the castle, there are two halls where banquets are often held, namely the King's Hall and the Queen's Hall. There are guards armed with spears and armor standing guards, and waiters in classical national costumes serve the guests, presenting tourists with the taste of the Middle Ages.

7. Aland Castle

The Aland Islands is the only autonomous province in Finland. It is located on the southwest coast of Finland and consists of 6,500 islands. There are about 25,000 residents on the island, most of whom speak Swedish as their mother tongue. The capital of Aland is Mairenhamn, which is the only city on the islands.

Shipping, fishing, and tourism are the main sources of income for the residents of the island. The people of Aland are often proud of their ancient sailing traditions. Pommern, anchored at the west pier of Mariehamn, the capital, is a symbol of Aland and a testimony to the voyage of Aland’s ocean-going fleet. It is now a museum for visitors. The Oceanographic Museum of Aland is one of the best in the world. At the dock east of Mariehamn, visitors can also see the process of traditional ship construction.

The dotted islands, huge reefs, valleys with brilliant wildflowers and dense forests make this archipelago unique. The scenery of Aland is completely different from that of the Finnish mainland. Many monuments on the island include medieval castles and churches, as well as the sea fortress of Bomasund. In 1854, due to the outbreak of the Crimean War, the huge plan to build the fortress was shelved. The half-built fortress was attacked by the British and French forces from both sides of the sea and land. The British and French forces blew up the fortress after they captured it. What people see now is only the sporadic ruins of the fortress.

8. America's most beautiful landmark - Thomas Jefferson Memorial, Washington D.C.

I chose this place when I first visited the United States. It was built specifically to commemorate Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States. This neoclassical building draws inspiration from the Roman Pantheon and President Jefferson's own rotunda at the University of Virginia. In April, the cherry blossoms on the banks of the Tidal Lake next to the memorial hall are in full bloom, with the reflection of the memorial hall in the lake, which is particularly beautiful.

Aland has a pleasant summer climate and fascinating natural scenery everywhere. It is a famous tourist destination in Finland. Traveling on the island of Aland by bicycle has a lot of fun. On the island, visitors can rent bicycles and get a map and guide at the same time. Along the way, there are many camps, holiday resorts, and homestays for tourists to rest. There is also a 36-hole golf course on the island. In addition to golfing, if interested, tourists can also go fishing at the beach, or take a boat to explore and hunt at sea.


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