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Know These Customs When Travel to Brazil at the End of the Year

  • Curtis Evstifeev
  • 16 Oct
Know These Customs When Travel to Brazil at the End of the Year

According to reports, the end of the year is an excellent time to travel to Brazil. The Brazilian Tourism Authority (Embratur) compiled the customs of Christmas and New Year at the end of the year. Let's explore together how this country celebrates Christmas and New Year.

Speaking of Christmas and New Year, many people will think of snowflakes floating outside the window, and a family reunited around the dining table by the fire to enjoy a feast. But for the Brazilian people in the southern hemisphere, Christmas and New Year are at the height of summer. So, how do enthusiastic and cheerful Brazilians celebrate Christmas and New Year?

About Christmas

Most Brazilian people believe in Christianity. Christmas is one of the most important festivals in the local year. On Christmas Eve, people have used various Christmas ornaments to dress up the inside and outside of their houses. They used their creativity to build Brazil into a unique tropical Christmas country.

Christmas celebrations in Brazil usually start on Christmas Eve. Every family will gather for a sumptuous Christmas dinner. The unique and delicious "farofa" made of characteristic Brazilian turkey and roasted tapioca is a must-have dish. On Christmas Day, they will use ingredients leftover on Christmas Eve to cook Christmas lunch. Family members get together, and the young children will also excitedly display the toys they got from "Santa Claus". Many children also like to write to Santa Claus, telling private messages that belong to them, and making wishes about Christmas gifts. The heart-warming postal company will select some letters from poor children from the letters received and give Christmas gifts to these children.

About New Year

After Christmas, people should prepare for New Year's Eve. New Year is another festival that Brazilians attach great importance to. Every New Year's Eve, every state capital of Brazil will stage a gorgeous firework show. For many Brazilians, New Year’s Eve implies a new beginning, a time to prepare new plans or put old plans into practice. They also have many blessings customs, such as eating lentils, jumping over seven waves at the beach, and so on.

In addition, different foods also have different meanings in the New Year. Brazilians will avoid eating any poultry meat because these animals will dig the ground with their claws and run around. They represent setbacks in the local culture. The lentils swell in water, which represents growth. Some people put seven pomegranate seeds soaked in water in their wallets, which means that they can get a lot of wealth in the new year. These are the customs and habits that are unique to Brazil.

During the New Year in Brazil, visitors can also taste local delicacies and participate in various entertainment celebrations or unique religious activities. Let's take a look at the best places in Brazil for Christmas and New Year.

1. Gramado (State of Süd)

Gramado's Christmas lights celebration began in 1986. At that time, people realized that there were almost no tourist activities in the city in December, so they started this festival. The festival is inspired by Disney's float tour. From October to January of the following year, they will decorate the city with colorful lights, and joyful Christmas songs can be heard in every corner of the city. The grand float parade, unique art performances, and puppet theater are all attractions of this city. This Christmas celebration is considered the largest Christmas celebration in Latin America, attracting more than 2 million tourists from all over the world every year.

2. Rio de Janeiro (Rio de Janeiro State)

One of the most famous New Year parties in the world is held in Rio de Janeiro. Approximately 2 million people count down on Copacabana Beach every year to celebrate the arrival of the New Year. The grand fireworks show, unique natural landscape, warm climate, and people excited to welcome the New Year have merged into a unique and spectacular scenery in the world.

3. El Salvador (State of Bahia)

On the last Friday of each year, Senhor do Bonfim church (Senhor do Bonfim) will usher in its highlight, this day is also known as "Thanksgiving Friday." On this day, believers from all over the country will come to the church to pray for blessings in the coming year. They will bring items that wish to be blessed by God, such as the famous Bonfim ribbons, necklaces, door keys, photos, and even cars.


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