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Four Natural Islands in Thailand

  • Davide Gomez
  • 15 Oct
Four Natural Islands in Thailand

Thailand's islands are as beautiful as any country in the world, especially the islands on the southern coast. They have a beautiful tropical island style and are a good place to travel. Therefore, people say, "If you have not experienced the island scenery of southern Thailand, it means that you have not really been to Thailand."

There are numerous well-known islands in southern Thailand. Many people have never heard of the natural islands that have maintained their original appearance. Today, we will introduce these four islands to everyone. Any piece of sandy beach here can make a blockbuster. When you come here, you know the true color of the sea.

1. Koh Nang Yuan

Have you ever seen the long sandy beach that connects three small islands? When you come to Koh Nang Yuan in Surat Thani province, you can see this wonder with your own eyes. It was included in the "Thailand You Haven't Seen" list. When the sea ebbs, the "human"-the shaped beach is hidden under the sea will appear. The sea, beaches, and islands suddenly formed a huge picture of the sea and the sky.

2. Koh Khai

Although Koh Khai is only a small island, its natural beauty is no less than other islands. Koh Khai gets its name because it is shaped like an egg. There are sparsely populated here. Spotless on the white sand. There is green vegetation in the center of the island. The water is light blue to dark blue. Several long-tail boats of local people stopped on the shore as if time had stopped.

3. Koh Phi Phi

Speaking of the beautiful Thai islands, Phi Phi Island in Krabi Province has to be mentioned. This island is called "The Emerald of Andaman". It got its name because of its clear and beautiful water like an emerald. Koh Phi Phi has white and fine sandy beaches with a soft touch and a great diving spot where you can admire the beautiful corals on the seafloor. When you come to this island, tourists only need to enjoy nature quietly.

4. Koh Maiton

Honeymoon Island is a small private island located in Phuket. Koh Maiton has abundant natural resources, and the original features are well preserved. If you are lucky, you can also see groups of wild dolphins jumping in the water. Coming to this island, time seems to slow down. You can take a stroll on the beach, where the cool water washes your feet from time to time.

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