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Enjoy a Hot Spring Trip in Japan

  • Pawel Cimino
  • 21 Oct
Enjoy a Hot Spring Trip in Japan

In the Tohoku and Kanto regions of Japan, there are many kinds of famous hot spring villages and unknown hot spring resorts. Here you can not only enjoy the beautiful autumn scenery but also enjoy the hot spring comfortably. During your autumn trip, try these comfortable and healing Japanese hot springs.

1. Nantian Hot Spring (Aomori Prefecture)

The apple-soaked Nantian Hot Spring is a mild, weakly alkaline beauty hot spring. It has a spring quality that is gentle and refreshing to the skin and is well received by women. The sweet and sour aroma of apples and its ingredients make the body and mind clean and refreshed. In addition, visitors can enjoy the Tsugaru Plain, Shirakami's mountains, and Hakkoda mountain range from the hot spring here. The mountains are connected and the red leaves are shining.

2. Hanamaki Hot Spring Village (Iwate Prefecture)

Hanamaki Hot Spring Village is located in a hot spring resort centered on Tai River and Toyosawa River. There are also hot springs gushing out of the valleys and fields here, including many unique hot springs such as Juan Hot Springs, Tai Hot Springs, Lead Hot Springs, Ozawa Hot Springs, and Yamanoshin Hot Springs. These hot springs have a long history. In addition, there are all kinds of comfortable modern hotels. It has a wide variety of springs and is one of the largest spa resorts in Iwate Prefecture.

3. Ginzan Hot Spring (Yamagata Prefecture)

Western-style wooden structure multi-story hotel built from the late Taisho period to the early Showa period is located along the Ginzan River. The unique charm that has been passed down from history to this day is lingering. The elegant hot spring street is also quite popular. The quality of the hot spring here is sodium chloride and sulfate, colorless and transparent, with the smell of hydrogen sulfide. Ginshan Hot Springs also became famous because it was the filming location of the NHK TV series novel "Oshin".

4. Akiho Onsen (Miyagi Prefecture)

Akiu Hot Spring is located along the "Natorigawa" valley in the west of Sendai City and is called "Natori's Goyu". It is known as one of the "Japanese Sanyu Yu". The Lord Masamune Date of Sendai also liked Akiu Onsen. Therefore, it has been used as the hot spring bath of the Date family for generations. The spring quality here is salinized alkaline earth sodium-calcium chloride spring. The temperature of the spring water is maintained at 45°C. The spring water is also abundant.

5. Kusatsu Onsen (Gunma Prefecture)

It is said that in Kusatsu Onsen, "any disease can be cured except lovesickness". This is also Japan's premier hot spring place that people yearn for. The spring quality here is acid spring and sulfur spring. Needless to say about the good spring quality. The style of the hot spring town centered on "Yubata" is also quite attractive. Whether it is walking around the town, taking pictures at the hot spring waterfall, learning the traditional "stirring dance" show of Kusatsu Onsen, or taking a hot spring bath, it is a good choice for tourists.

6. Kinugawa Hot Spring (Tochigi Prefecture)

Kinugawa Onsen was discovered in the Edo period. It is located in the upper reaches of the Kinugawa River in Nikko City. At that time, monks and local princes who came to "Nikko" to worship may also have visited this hot spring. After the Meiji period, as it was opened to the general public, many tourists visited it. This hot spring can effectively relieve neuralgia and frozen shoulder, as well as restore fatigue and promote health. It is an alkaline pure spring, and its spring quality makes the skin smooth and tender.

Enjoy a Foot Bath and a Walk in the Hot Spring Town

In Japan, where there are many hot springs, there are many foot baths, including many free foot baths. Without changing clothes, visitors can enjoy the foot bath easily and happily. A foot bath in the hot spring water can have a local warming effect on the human body, thereby warming the whole body. Let you relax and enjoy the "healing" of the hot spring.


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