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Route Recommendations & Experience for Self-driving Tour in Italy

  • Erik Korczak
  • 21 Oct
Route Recommendations & Experience for Self-driving Tour in Italy

Italy must be a tourist destination that many people yearn for. More and more people like to travel to Italy. Of course, choosing to rent a car in Italy for self-driving can better help you understand and fall in love with Italy. Now, let me share with you the route I chose for my self-driving tour in Italy and the things that you may need to pay attention to your self-driving tour. Hope to help friends who plan to travel to Italy.

I. My Italian Self-driving Tour - Route

1. Pickup from Fiumi Airport in Rome - Siena in the Tuscany - Leaning Tower of Pisa or Borglia - Alba in Piedmont - Lake Como - Milan Malpensa Airport or Linate Airport return the car. The whole journey is about 1000 kilometers. I rented a car at the Hertz store at Fiumicino Airport in Rome and drove to Tuscany. What attracted me most during the trip was the beauty of the charming winery in the rolling hills.

2. I stayed in Siena (260 kilometers, 2 hours 50 minutes) for one night. On the second day, continue to the famous Pisa Tower (117 kilometers, 2 hours) and Bologna (176 kilometers, 2 hours 25 minutes). I tasted the famous Parmesan and Parmesan cheese.

3. Then drive to Alba in Piedmont, October 12th to November 17th (310 kilometers, 3 hours and 25 minutes). Driving 197 kilometers further, 2 hours and 20 minutes, you will arrive at one of the most beautiful lake scenery in Europe, Lake Como, which is indeed very beautiful.

4. Finally, I returned to Milan (50 kilometers, one hour and 10 minutes) and went shopping. After shopping, I parked my car at Malpensa Airport, and then took the plane back to my country. Very nice car rental trip to Italy!

II. My Italian Self-driving Tour - Traffic Rules

Of course, if you plan to start a self-driving tour in Italy, then you must understand the traffic regulations of this country or place. Next, I will share with you the traffic laws in Italy to help you avoid some of the troubles of a self-driving trip to Italy.

1. Be sure to watch the signal lights when turning right in Italy, and turn right only when the green light is on. By default, left turns are prohibited at all intersections. Only intersections with left turn signs or left turn signals can turn left. The intersections in Italy are mostly roundabouts, so you must wait for the inner lane to pass before you can enter.

2. The leftmost lane of the expressway is the overtaking lane. After passing, you must merge back to the right to allow the vehicle to pass.

3. The Italian highway (Autostrada) is a toll road, marked as green, with a speed limit of 130 km/h. In addition, you also need to pay attention to the obvious speed limit signs and speed measurement equipment on the highway to remind equipment, not to speed. Anyone who exceeds the speed of 40 km/h will be fined 2,000 euros. Italy's Superstrada is a free road marked in blue with a speed limit of 100 km/h.

III. My Italian Self-driving Tour - Refuel

Of course, it is essential to refuel on the road of a self-driving tour. I also encountered some troubles while renting a car and driving in Italy, so I would like to share some knowledge about refueling.

1. The Italian for diesel is gasoline, and the Italian for gasoline is benzina. Diesel (the cheapest kind) is written on the price of the gas station. If it is refueling diesel, it should be parked at the Diesel or Diesel blu refueling nozzle. If you are refueling, you should park at the Super or Super blu refueling nozzle.

2. Most gas stations are self-service refueling. After seeing the oil type, hold the oil gun and refuel. Subsequently, the machine will print out a cash register receipt. You can take the small ticket and go to the cashier inside to pay. Remember to fill up the mailbox before returning the car, otherwise, you may face the possibility of an increase in fines.

3. Each tanker has 3 guns of different colors, representing different oil products. In addition, there is a controller. You should select the oil product on the controller keyboard and then enter the quantity. Then, you can draw your gun and refuel. Finally, pay directly at the counter. Generally speaking, the fuel tank of a rented car will indicate whether it is gasoline or diesel. Remember to stuff paper money before refueling. If the money cannot be refunded after filling it up, you can only wait for the staff to come and return it to you with a slip. So it is best to refuel in units of 5 Euros to avoid losses.

Some self-service kiosks in Italy can only add 20 euros at a time (put in coins and then take off the gun). If you need to fill up all at once, choosing a manual service should be more convenient. There will be a small person sign at the counter of the gas station with manual service.

The above are some summary of my self-driving tour in Italy. I hope to help those who are planning to travel to Italy. If interested, you can share us with your travel experience in Italy.


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