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Preparation for Renting a Car Overseas

  • Mark Weaver
  • 20 Oct
Preparation for Renting a Car Overseas

When traveling abroad, renting a car for self-driving can make your travel more flexible and free. So, before starting your journey, what preparations do you need to make for overseas car rental? Let's take a look together.

I. Self-driving Materials for Overseas Car Rental

Passport and driver's license are necessary materials.

Certificate of international translation of a driver's license. A paper document that translates the content of the driver's license in the country in English is mainly to facilitate foreign car rental companies and the police to identify the content of the driver's license and has no legal effect. It can be applied to the Hertz car rental official website. It is currently free. Fill in the information such as the driver's license and receiving address online, and receive an international translation of the driver's license in about a week, applicable to nearly 200 countries and regions (Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, South Korea, India, Sri Lanka), Czech Republic and some car dealers in Taiwan), please allow enough time to process.

Notarized translation. Proving the authenticity of the driver's license on the basis of the translation of the driver's license has a certain legal effect. Most are English translations, which can be used in countries and regions that allow self-driving with a Chinese driver's license. It usually takes about a week for the applicant to submit the ID card, residence booklet, and driver's license to the notary office where the residence registration is located. The charges vary according to different countries and languages.

International driving license. Not a driving license. Must be used together with the driver's license of the country to be valid.

II. Essential Knowledge Points for Overseas Car Rental

1. Model Group Description

According to international practice, when booking an overseas car rental, you can usually only book a certain model group. Due to real-time changes in inventory, there is no guarantee that the representative model booked online will be available when picking up the car.

2. Multi-person Driving Requires Registration

If you need more than one person to drive, please apply for an additional driver directly at the store. And present the same vehicle pick-up ID as the main driver (except for credit card) and pay related fees (if required).

3. Rent a Child Seat

If the children who are traveling with you will get stuck in the neck when wearing a seat belt, you must use a safety seat or booster cushion. It is available in local stores, and the cost is paid on-site (you can also buy it yourself).

4. Vehicles Crossing Islands or Crossing the Border Require Registration

If you plan to travel to other countries/regions/islands on this overseas car rental trip, please take the initiative to explain to the car rental company first. The clerk will mark it on the contract. Otherwise, the insurance may lapse after you transit.

5. Confirm the Amount and Type of Fuel in the Tank

If your overseas car rental order does not include a free tank of fuel, please confirm the fuel volume in the fuel tank and return the same fuel volume when returning the car. At the same time, please confirm the fuel type of the vehicle with the clerk (usually the fuel cap is written Gas for gasoline, Disel for diesel), so as to avoid damage to the vehicle caused by incorrect fuel. If you make a mistake, the car rental company may charge a higher penalty.

6. How to Refuel

There are self-service refueling services overseas, so be sure to remember whether the vehicle you rent is filled with gasoline or diesel, and how much gasoline you add. Some gas stations need to swipe a credit card first, and then select a pre-sale quota. After refueling, the excess amount will be refunded to you. If you encounter difficulties during the refueling process, you can consult the staff.

7. Park Correctly

There are various signs of parking spaces abroad, so please be sure to look carefully. Many parking spaces are reserved for government personnel or the disabled. You will face a fine if you park in these spaces. There is a parking self-service payment machine in the block parking lot. After parking, remember to put the parking ticket under the windshield of the driving position so that the inspectors can see it. If you forget to put a small ticket and get fined, you can appeal to protect your rights.


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