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Overview of Overseas Car Rental

  • Mark Weaver
  • 25 May
Overview of Overseas Car Rental

As tourism has become a way of people's daily life, it is no longer a place to visit scenic spots, but to explore in-depth the scenery that others can't see and experience unique customs according to your own mood and pace. As the most fashionable way of outbound travel, overseas car rental and self-driving is showing explosive growth in the world, becoming the choice of many travelers.

The United States, Australia, Germany, France, Canada, Thailand, Turkey, New Zealand, Italy, and the United Kingdom are the ten most popular overseas car rental countries for tourists. These are mainly developed countries and destinations with ideal road traffic conditions. Thailand, as the only one of Asia's top ten popular overseas car rental countries for self-driving, is also a holy destination for self-driving tourists and has become the first stop for many tourists to try.

When the overseas travel of travel enthusiasts has shifted from group tours to more flexible free travel, the use of overseas car rentals to go and stop has gradually emerged. Overseas car rentals range from traditional store car rentals to cross-border online bookings, and then to the emergence of one-stop outbound car rental service platforms like Hertz car rentals. Overseas car rental self-driving travel has entered the 3.0 era.

Overseas Car Rental

With the advent of the Internet platform, overseas car rentals are no longer restricted by nationality, language, and driver's license. It solves various problems in the traditional overseas car rental market, such as opaque prices, unclear model group information, non-native language customer support, etc., thereby enhancing the user's car rental experience.

For example, on the official website of the Hertz car rental company, you can choose any Hertz car rental outlets around the world to book an overseas car rental. In order to improve the service experience and enjoy more preferential policies, you can currently register as a gold card member for free. After registering as a member, you can enjoy discounts and fast car pickup services. At the same time, Hertz also operates its own official account, on which you can still enjoy convenient overseas car rental reservations, a membership registration, and other functions, just as convenient as renting a hotel.

So, what materials do you need to prepare for renting a car overseas?

The original passport of the main driver;

The original valid driver's license of the main driver;

Voucher for picking up the car;

International credit card under the name of the main driver;

Driver's license translation certification (International Driver's License Translation Certification/NZTA Translation/Car Dealer Translation/Notarized English Driver's License/International Driver's License (IDP)).

To rent a car with a foreign driver's license, you must provide an International Driver's License (IDP) issued by that country. When renting a car in Germany, most car dealers accept notarized documents as well as sworn translations by German courts. In Italy, some car dealers can also accept embassy certification. In Australia, some car companies, like East Coast Rental, accept NAATI translated by local translation agencies.

Car Rental and Self-driving

Some regions such as the United States (Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento), Thailand (Phuket, Bangkok, Chiang Mai), New Zealand (Christchurch), Australia (Melbourne) and Taiwan (Taipei) support flash rental services. The driver's license information can be verified online in advance, and only the original driver's license is required when picking up the car. There is no need to mention the car bill, no international credit card pre-authorization, and the car dealer will also prepare a translation of the driver's license application in the region for free.

What is the difference between the translated driver's license, notarized driver's license, and an international driver's license?

The driver's license translation is the translation of the original driver's license into the designated language, which serves as a translation aid for the original driver's license;

After the driver's license is translated, the notarized copy of the driver's license will be notarized by the local notary office, which is also a translation aid for the original driver's license;

International Driving Permit (IDP). It is an international driving license recognized by all signatories of the "United Nations Convention on Road Traffic" and has legal effect.

If you are tired of rigid and hasty schedules, tired of cramped carriages and cabins, and don't want your family to rush between transfer stations tiredly, then it's time to start a self-driving trip. Traveling by yourself can not only get rid of the boring itinerary, but also experience the models that you usually don't have the opportunity to try, and explore more local details beyond the conventional attractions.


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