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How to Rent a Car in New Zealand?

  • Gabriel Rice
  • 29 Sep
How to Rent a Car in New Zealand?

I have completed my self-driving trip to New Zealand, so I will share my feelings and experiences with you here. On one hand, it might be a reference for friends who want to go to New Zealand. On the other hand, it can be regarded as feedback from learning so much online.

For car rental in New Zealand, choosing a reliable car rental company is the most important thing. This is what I have always worried about and valued before traveling to New Zealand. After all, a good car rental company is your most important guarantee of traveling by car. There are many people on the Internet who choose Hertz. I also checked on the Internet. There are many car rental platforms that provide Hertz car rental services. Of course, I chose to rent a car on Hertz's official website. You can enjoy better service by booking on the official website, and you can also join the membership for free. By registering as a member, you can also redeem your points for free car rental days. How to rent a car in New Zealand? See below.

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Car Rental Process

Select the pick-up store and time, and then click Book Now to search for real-time vehicle group quotations and select the appropriate vehicle. If you have a discount code, you can enter it when you select the pick-up time and the store;

If necessary, you can choose additional products, such as adding child seats and navigator services. Then, click Submit and fill in the personal name and email address. If you arrive by plane, you can enter the flight information so that the store can reserve the vehicle for you;

Succeed. Please check your email. You can cancel and modify the order for free before picking up the car;

Pick up the car at the store. When picking up the car, you need to show the counter staff along with your passport, credit card, driving license, and translation. You need to proactively inform the store if there are additional drivers.

How to rent a car in New Zealand 2

Car Rental Materials

The original passport of the main driver.

Driver's license certificate. The original Chinese driver's license of the main driver (with a driver's license for at least one year) and a notarized translation. New Zealand has strict requirements for driver's license translation. You can choose either of the following two methods to translate your driver's license.

1. Choose a translation service agency approved by the New Zealand Transport Agency to produce a valid English translation.

2. The driver's license translated and notarized by the Chinese Notary Public is also recognized by the New Zealand Transport Agency.

The main driver's international credit card (must be the same as the credit card used when renting the car). This card is used for pre-authorization.

Reservation confirmation sheet.

Car Rental Insurance

What kind of insurance do you need to buy when renting a car in New Zealand?

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Car Damage and Theft (LDW). All car rental fees include car damage and theft rescue, which covers accidental damage to the vehicle and/or third-party property. There is an accident deductible (ADE) for car damage and theft. The maximum amount of third party liability claims is NZD$10 million, which covers property losses including animals. If the vehicle is driving off the road, driving on a road without asphalt or metal, or driving on a road without pour, car damage and theft (LDW) will no longer apply.

Personal accident insurance (PAI). After the insurance is insured, it will cover accidental injuries or medical expenses incurred by the renter and passengers. No matter what happens to the renter in or outside of the rented vehicle, he will get a certain amount of compensation. Other passengers will also be compensated for accidental injuries during getting on and off the vehicle and during driving.

Personal Property Insurance (PEC). After the insurance is insured, a certain amount of compensation will be provided for luggage and personal belongings (excluding cash) lost or lost during the rental period, including the personal belongings held by the renter and the immediate family members who are traveling with the renter during the rental period. However, the above-mentioned immediate family members must be permanent residents of the renter's household address. PEC does not include non-family members traveling with the renter.

Advanced emergency road rescue (PERS). In the event of accidents and collisions of the rented vehicle, or when problems are encountered outside the approved driving area, the insurance covers the liability for losses caused by the renter, for example, key locked in the car, key lost, forgotten to close car lights, no electricity, refueling of vehicles, puncture installation and other services.

Of course, in addition to buying insurance, you also need to be familiar with New Zealand's traffic laws and road safety information before starting your travel.


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