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How to Pick up, Use & Return a Car Overseas

  • Mark Weaver
  • 21 Dec
How to Pick up, Use & Return a Car Overseas

Currently, overseas car rental services have ranged from traditional car rental in stores to cross-border online booking. At present, there is a one-stop outbound car rental service platform around the world. Overseas car rental and self-driving tours have entered the 3.0 era.

These services make our overseas car rental process simple and convenient. How do we pick up, use, and return the car after renting the car? Take a look at this guide to picking up, using, and exchanging a car overseas!

I. Rent a Car Overseas - Precautions for Picking up a Car

First of all, after the plane lands, you can pick up the car from the car rental store according to the directions of the car pick-up store indicated on the sign or Google Maps. For international car rental companies like Hertz, their logos are generally very eye-catching and easy to see. Then, you continue to follow the procedure below to pick up the car smoothly in the store.

1. Show the pick-up confirmation number to the store staff.

You can find and show the confirmation number for picking up the car to the clerk on the overseas car rental order details page so that the clerk can find your order.

2. Present the pick-up ID

Usually, the pick-up documents include the original driver's license, a translation of the driver's license, or a notarized copy of the driver's license in English (if you use a foreign driver's license, please show the corresponding "International Driver's License"), pickup confirmation SMS, original passport, and international credit card (VISA or MasterCard). Please have a credit limit of at least USD 1,000. After that, the employees of the car rental company will help you complete the credit card guarantee, signing the car rental contract, and picking up the car from the parking lot.

II. Car Rental Abroad - Precautions for Car Use

1. Drive safely

Please abide by local traffic laws and regulations when renting a car overseas. Do not make or answer hand-held phones while driving that hinders safe driving. Otherwise, you will be fined. In severe cases, the car will be forcibly detained. In this case, the lessee is fully responsible.

2. Take care of the vehicle

During the rental period of this overseas car rental trip, you should take care of the car rental company's car as much as you would your own car.

3. Keep the vehicle tidy

Smoking in the car is prohibited. No animals are allowed on the bus. The cleanliness of the inside and outside of the car when returning the car should be the same as when the car was picked up. Otherwise, you will be charged a cleaning fee by the car rental company.

4. Be calm in the event of an accident/fault

The car rental company stipulates that in the event of any vehicle damage or accident during the rental period, please call the police immediately and obtain a police report. Otherwise, the leased vehicle insurance will become invalid. The cost of car damage will be borne by you. In addition, you must also immediately call the car rental company responsible for the overseas car rental service and follow the car rental company's guidelines to repair or replace the car. Please remember to keep copies of all the required documents.

In addition, don't panic if you encounter a vehicle failure when using a car on the road. You can directly call the store number or roadside assistance number on the car rental contract. The staff of the car rental store will provide you with corresponding assistance in time.

III. Car Rental Abroad - Notice for Return

In the final return link, you can return the vehicle to the designated location according to the instructions of the store staff or Google Maps. Then follow the procedure below to return the car smoothly.

1. The clerk accepts the vehicle and settles the expenses

The clerk will inspect and record the vehicle, and print out the settlement statement and transfer payment on site.

2. Keep the documents until the pre-authorized unfreeze

After returning the car, you still need to keep all the car rental contracts and documents until the credit card pre-authorization is released. If there is a dispute over fees later, you can protect your rights and interests based on your documents.

3. Deposit refund within one month

If there is no violation during the overseas car rental, usually within one month, the deposit will be automatically released and returned to your credit card.

4. About early pick-up/early return/delayed return

If you pick up the car in advance with the store's permission, please return the car at the same time in advance, otherwise, the store will charge you an additional rental fee at the store price.

You return the car in advance before the return time agreed in the overseas car rental contract, or the car dealer terminates the contract due to your own behavior (such as driving illegally, violating the terms of the rental car contract, etc.). The rental car company for the remaining unused days will not If refunded, the cost is still calculated based on the full lease term in the contract.

If the return of the car is delayed beyond the time specified in the overseas car rental contract, the car rental company will charge you additional rental fees based on the rental company's retail price. This fee will be paid additionally after you arrive at the store.

5. Keep a small ticket for the last refueling

You should keep the small ticket for the last fuel refueling before returning the car to avoid staff disputes over the remaining fuel when returning the car, especially the package that is full of fuel.

6. Confirm the car damage with the clerk of the overseas car rental company

When returning the car, if the clerk points out some new scratches or damaged locations, please carefully check the inspection form and photo when you pick up the car before signing.

7. Do not leave personal belongings

When returning the car, please check your personal luggage, rental WiFi, GPS, and other valuables to avoid loss of property.


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