South Africa

South Africa, known as the "Rainbow Country", has beautiful natural scenery and a wide variety of flora and fauna. Traveling in one country is equivalent to traveling around the world, which is the best portrayal of South Africa. South Africa has rich and diverse cultural characteristics, wildlife, complete urban and rural planning, first-class road construction, fresh air, and warm & hospitable people. It has more investment opportunities than European and American countries, attracting thousands of tourists and entrepreneurs.


Morocco, an Arab country located in the northwest corner of Africa, is known as the "Garden of North Africa". The mild maritime climate makes many coastal cities here evergreen all year round. Bright and colorful flowers dot the streets, making the city as beautiful as a garden. The colorful cityscape is one of Morocco's characteristic scenery, including white Casablanca, red Marrakech, blue Chefchaouen, colorful Fez, and so on. The Moroccans dress up their homes with brilliant colors, and the cities are like blossoming beautiful flowers that adorn this lovely land. Diverse cultures also bred and blossomed in Morocco. The nomadic culture of the indigenous Berbers and the Islamic culture brought by the Arabs have co-existed here for thousands of years, allowing the flower of Moroccan civilization to bloom forever.


Is there a snapshot that comes to mind that can summarize the trip to Tanzania? Are thousands of antelopes traveling in a leisurely and harmonious manner, passing through the Serengeti, carrying out their annual migration as always? Or is it a fierce lion lying on the grass under the majestic Engelunglu crater, sunbathing domineeringly? When it comes to Tanzania, these images naturally come to mind. Of course, you can indeed enjoy these sights in Tanzania!


This mysterious land of Egypt is one of the birthplaces of human civilization. The ancient Egyptians left us countless great relics. When you see those majestic buildings with your own eyes, you will be impressed by the ancient Egyptian civilization. The magnificent pyramids, the mysterious sphinx, and the ancient temples that symbolize the sacred kingship all have a magical power that attracts tourists from all over the world to find out the truth. The Nile River, the longest river in the world, is the mother river of the Egyptians. It brought vitality and harvest to Egypt. The scenery of the Nile River is also a scenery in Egypt. When you take a sailing boat on the Nile River to roam freely in this clear water and admire the green grass on the shore and the beautiful Danxia in the sky, how can you not fall in love with this colorful Egypt?


On the map of Africa, moving eastward along the edge of Madagascar, there is an inconspicuous dot, namely Mauritius. It is an island country known as the "Pearl of the Indian Ocean". The deep ocean, beautiful coral reefs, brilliant sunshine, long sandy beaches, and dense virgin forests are waiting for tourists from all over the world to start a journey to explore the "original Garden of Eden". On the white sandy beach, lying on the lounge chair under the mushroom-shaped grass-top pergola, you can feel the peace in the oasis where the sun touches the skin. Put on lightly-packed diving equipment and you can explore the seabed. Colorful fish will pass by from time to time. The colorful corals sway from time to time. If you are lucky, you will also see the wreck of a ship sleeping on the bottom of the sea since the 17th century.


Madagascar is an "island forgotten by time" in southeastern Africa. After leaving the African continent, Madagascar formed its own unique evolutionary system. There are many strange creatures here. More than 80% of wild animals and plants are unique to the island. The biodiversity is extremely rich and has become the last home for many endangered species. Therefore, Madagascar is also called "the last Noah's Ark".

There are no large beasts on the African continent, but lively lemurs, colorful chameleons, and towering baobab trees are the oldest aborigines here. In addition, Madagascar also has peculiar geological landforms and beautiful beach scenery. Visitors can experience the excitement of trekking and admire the traces of thousands of years in the geopark. Moreover, you can enjoy a leisurely wine tasting on the seaside with invincible sea views and savor the French romance left behind.

 Red Sea

Many people may have only the pyramids, sphinxes, and endless deserts in the impression of Egypt. The Red Sea is the intoxicating blue in the yellow sands of Egypt and it is known as one of the world's three largest diving destinations. The water here is clear and blue, and there are also diverse creatures underwater. The unique climate allows a variety of colorful corals and fishes to grow here. The well-known clownfish "Nemo" in Finding Nemo is the permanent representative of these waters, as well as the Red Sea Picasso and the devilfish. If you are lucky, you can see them swimming in the shallow water on the beach.

Another unique feature of the Red Sea is the combination of seawater and desert. The sea is connected to the desert, and it can be described as half seawater and half flame. The entire shore of the Red Sea is a holiday paradise. When you come here, you might as well dive into the water to dance with the fish or drive a desert motorcycle to feel the collision of speed and passion on the sand dunes. It is an unforgettable experience.


In 969 AD, the Fatimid dynasty of the Arab Empire conquered Egypt and established the city as the capital north of what is today Cairo, and named it "Cairo". After 1801, Cairo gradually developed into the political, economic, and cultural center of the country. This is a very multi-faceted city. You only need to cross a few blocks to travel from medieval Arabia to modern Europe. Moreover, you can go deep into the pyramids or explore the Nile at night to watch "belly dancing". The Fraserville Cafe is a good place and more representative of Cairo than the pyramids.


Many people only know the Aswan Dam, but don't know Aswan. It is a small town in southern Egypt, which is the home to Nubians. It used to be a bustling trade center, but now it has a comfortable and comfortable atmosphere. Here is controlled by the desert climate. The winter is still warm, so it has become a winter retreat for Egyptians. The Nile here is called the Blue Nile, and the water is crystal clear. Ride on Felucca, a small sailboat unique to the Nile River, and you can wander in the water. Moreover, there are also abundant tourism resources, such as famous dams, magnificent temples, unfinished stone monuments, etc., which attract travel enthusiasts from all over the world.


The beautiful Nile on both sides of the strait divides Luxor into east and west halves. The east coast is a paradise for the living. In addition to the famous temples, there are also the best hotels, golf courses, and crowded markets. The west coast is famous for its magnificent pharaoh tombs and sacrificial temples. It preserves precious ancient Egyptian art. Egyptians often say, "You have never been to Egypt if you haven't been to Luxor." Europeans and Americans were marveled at the value of Luxor and showed it to the world on the screen. The mysterious thriller of the temple in the movie "The Return of the Mummy" left a deep impression on people. While "The Nile Massacre" made the Stone Pillar Hall famous all over the world. In addition to the traditional way of sightseeing, you can also take a felucca in the evening with the gentle breeze of the Nile River, or take a hot air balloon to enjoy the beautiful scenery. These experiences will make you will feel more joyful.


Tunisia is an oasis that grows between the Mediterranean Sea and the desert. Tunisia is also a bridge between Africa and Europe. With the accumulation of history, it has integrated the cultural essence of many empires, such as Carthage, ancient Rome, Arabia, and the Ottoman. Walking around the seven sites on the "UNESCO World Heritage List", the greatness and magic of Tunisia are amazing.


Away from the hustle and bustle of the world, Seychelles is known as the most luxurious holiday destination. Pure white beaches, dense coconut groves, beautiful and precious seabirds, naughty tropical fish, hot sun, music-loving Creoles, fresh and spicy food, etc. are all worthy of your enjoyment. You may put on bikini and sunscreen to feel the temperature of the beach, plunge into the sea, or sunbathe in front of the beautiful scenery.